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3/15 c17 Guest
This is an amazing story! I can’t wait to read what happens next. You did a great job of envisioning what Anne would be like without the influence of Marilla to teach her morals (especially not to lie) and to give her a more steady, down to earth influence to counter balance her natural head in the clouds romanticism.
3/15 c17 Guest
Lark's a handful but I love her anyway. She just needs some love and stability, like Matthew gave to Anne in AoGG. Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/13 c17 Marlignita
Waiting for your new chapter. We need your stories more than ever before. Specially in these unbelievable days in Europe. Give us the support to find a breath.
Thousands of citizens pray to ensure that this crazyness stops as soon as possible. I'm still in shock since 19 days ago. And over worried because of all the bad things will come.
3/9 c17 Guest
That whole last bit made me cry. It's so sad that gilbert's mum never got see that lovely snow globe. And gilbert having to fly away to make a nest for his baby. ;_; Though I think Lark, like her father, would be happier just to stay on the farm. Lawson really is a jerk. I wonder if Anne will ever get her boots.
3/8 c17 CCPH
I stand corrected from last chapter’s comments: Anne is now also friendless, penniless and (for brief time) childless- that’s what could be worse than before! Well I know Jerry mentioned those two letters he wrote her in the last chapter but my curiosity was sparked here for what was said bc of his close relationship with Matthew. Could the Cuthberts have offered to take in Anne to help Marilla too? Had Anne not run away could she have had an idyllic childhood like Remy? I have theories of how Jerry could join his beloved Diana and Green Gables continue to be lovingly cared for by farmer hands BUT I’ll keep those to myself until we at least finally meet Diana. BTW I loved the idea of Anne wearing Gilbert’s boots and the literal nature of “walking in his shoes” as she experiences Avonlea for the first time. I find Anne’s instincts to assume responsibility for Lark quite interesting. Prior to arriving in Avonlea Anne was practically feral, moving from one station in life to another with no cares to what ties may become severed… well except for herRemy. (I loved how Jerry called her myAnne). It seems to have equally come as a surprise to Lark too, as if she doesn’t really know how to respond to Anne’s tenderness. I feel like Anne is playing out a part of her own childhood where she is providing (subconsciously) the care and understanding she so longed for as a child. There’s no way Anne could ever fly away now that this little birdy has ask if she’d ever leave.
3/8 c16 CCPH
Lark is a nightmare dressed as a very cute daydream! What a handful but she magnificent. I love the even keeled demeanor of John and what’s with Dovey’s ominous warning. Homeless, bootlegs, aimless- surely things can’t get any worse for Anne than they are now. “myAnne” man, what a way to end a chapter!
3/7 c17 2caprubia
Things are really starting to get interesting now. I love seeing what differences were made in everyone's lives with Anne not growing up in PEI.
3/6 c17 7wishwars
I hope Jerry’s venture doesn’t hurt his family! And, oh, what is Anne (the name she. Has now claimed again) going to tell Jerry of her life? I hope she’s not ashamed of it! All that stuff at the end about birds made me tear up too! (Very excited to know Gilbert will be coming back soon though!)
3/6 c17 Guest
"Tears brimmed fresh in Anne's eyes at the question and she blinked them back again. "He... he had to fly away to build a cozy nest for his baby." That legit made me tear up. Lark needs Anne badly, i hope she sticks around for her. i wonder if Jerry dislikes Gilbert in the same way that Gilbert dislikes him. They are actually in similar situations, both of them aren't following their true passions, instead doing what needs to be done for their families. Jerry's situation is also similar to Anne's in canon in that they both put off college to help Green gables except that Jerry has to farm the land and Anne didn't. And she also had Gilbert, and their shared academic ambitions and intelligence meant they were able to spur each other on.
3/6 c17 Denie1943
I so look forward to each chapter in hopes Gil will appear to join Anne and have a treasured love story with Anne and his daughter. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
3/5 c17 Guest
Lots of info in this chapter. Jerry calls Matthew and marilla his parents (isn't that a bit weird given they're siblings?) Gilbert gave Josie the enamal heart (that just hurt!) And Diana is the one who dreamt about marble halls and now she's got it thanks to aunt Josephine having never met Anne! Breaking things off with her childhood sweetheart the minute she got some money of her own seems a bit harsh. I'm curious to meet this version of Diana. The bit with the snow globe was lovely. I wonder if John will be happy or sad to see it. I loved Anne finding lark. She knows what it's like to be an unwanted child. Anne is probably the first adult in her life who has just accepted her instead of seeing her as a problem that needs to be dealt with. And Anne finally remembered Gilbert, and in a nice way. I miss him.
3/5 c16 Guest
I love this chapter. You’ve definitely done a couple of 180s with my perception of Remy. And it’s made finally “meeting” him immensely satisfying.
The uncanny resemblance you’ve given him makes me wonder... how would the story have unfolded if Anne had met Roy much earlier? Maybe at Queen’s? Don’t get me wrong, Anne and Gilbert are made and meant for each other, but I think that Roy could have been a kindred spirit if she had been the scrappy lovable girl we’ve come to love and not the poised and put together Anne that he had met in canon.
Of course, I’m only musing because I’m trying to distract myself from wondering the myriad what ifs and whys and hows between Anne and Remy. Because none of my suppositions will compare with what you eventually present us with! Can’t wait!
2/28 c16 Guest
I'm rereading this and that bit about John frowning as he read his ledger combined with the comment Josie made in the first chapter about the Blythe farm being worth a pretty penny plus Jerry seems to like buying up land...? I am very curious to see a green gables without Anne. What are Matthew, Marilla and Davy like without her influence? They seem to be better off financially.
2/27 c16 Guest
Well, I’ll be damned. Remy appears to have seen a ghost. What sort of ghost is Anne, we’ll have to wait and see!
2/27 c14 15AussieFicReader
I came back to Anne fic yesterday after a big break, and found your story. I’ve been reading & listening to it every chance I get. I was planning to post a comment once I caught up, but I just had to tell you how much I love that Mrs Lynde & Anne still had their altercation.
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