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2/27 c16 Guest
things i have learned about this author: a little bit of a Gilbert/ruby shipper and a little bit of an Anne/OOC (fellow orphan from her childhood) shipper but A LOT of an Anne/Gil shipper :)
2/27 c16 2caprubia
Oh my goodness! What a meeting! His reaction was perfection. I take back what I said about being worried about them meeting. I'm DYING to know what she said in response. A whispered "yes" or "Remy?", perhaps?

I wanna see Josie Pie-face freak out seeing him pull Anne into an embrace. I bet Josie thought that she was going to worm her way into Jerry's heart now that Diana is out of the picture. While I don't want Jerry to end up with Anne (because she's meant to be with Gil), I also don't want him with Josie.

Also, I'm delighted that Anne has now Anne in the narrative since she told John her name. I know that she's been Anne all along but sometimes I kept forgetting because I get caught up in this version of her.
2/27 c15 caprubia
I love how similar both Gil and John are by immediately poking fun at her aliases. Lark is the CUTEST and I think that Anne will be a great influence on her.

Knowing that Anne is going to see Jerry soon STRESSES ME OUT. I'm so worried that she's going to actually fall for him as an adult and it'll get in the way of her being with Gil.
2/26 c16 Guest
The LM quote is clearly Remy wearing Roy’s description lol
2/26 c16 Guest
My Anne? So he does remember her but he never went to meet her or told anyone about her and Anne describes him the same way she did when she met Roy Gardner in AotI...hmmm. I hope there are loads more chapters to come.. I am obsessed with this story and eagerly wait for an update thankyou.
2/26 c16 Denie1943
Can't figure out where you are headed with this. Is Anne not in love with Gil? Is Gil not in love with Anne? Frankly, that's the story I'm yearning to read. And, you have been faithful in all your stories.
2/26 c16 Guest
The hesitancy and endearment, coupled with not having fulfilled his promise to meet her all these years and the fire at the asylum! My mind is venturing down a dark alley...
2/26 c16 7wishwars
Obviously I am here for Gilbert, but I will admit that that first meeting with Jerry was very attractive.. he sounds like he has a lovely voice!
2/26 c16 YodaChick
this is torture, but you know I'll be back for more next week, lol. I'm beginning to think that perhaps Dovey is little Ruby's father ?
2/25 c16 Guest
You write the most marvellous last lines.
Another bombshell!
“Are you... are you MY Anne?”
What a bittersweet moment! But begs the question... if “my” was significant, why the struggle to recall? Does he never think of her? Traumatic memories akin to PTSD? Some sort of coping mechanism? Head injury? Thoughts swirling. Guess we now have some inkling that he’s not attempted to meet her for some time at least...
My Anne! Monty was created post-Remy.
This story is so wild! I love it and thanks again for the double bill this week! You’re the best! :)
2/25 c16 Guest
I loved this chapter so much! Thank you

What an encounter! Anne and Remy, that was so...I felt like screming, it was so exciting. They need to catch up. I can't wait to read more of them.
2/25 c16 14previouslyjade
I finally caught up on this fic and gosh it's a wonderful ride! Interesting how I felt like the timbre of the story shifts as soon as she starts being known as Anne again. The power in a name...
You are the best at writing sensuous encounters between Gilbert and Anne haha. They're never "too much" but the emotion and sensuality just leaps off the page.
2/25 c16 Guest
I loled at Anne being all like kids are hard and they take up all your time! Yeah welcome to parenthood - or in her her case nannyhood? Mandorla is quite eerie. It's like it is haunted by the two deceased Mrs Blythes. It's so sparse, with the quiet widower and a rambunctious little girl. I wonder if it's ever more lively with Gilbert there? Probably not. So Anne has finally been reunited with Remy/Jerry. Guess it's off to Green gables next. Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/25 c16 Guest
Ok I'm getting nervous now...are Anne and Jerry the 'meant to be' of this story? You gave him the Roy description though, so that gives me a bit of hope that Gilbert will return. Lark was a, well, four year old in this chapter! Bratty annoying and demanding but Anne has a lot of patience and empathy for her. She's clearly been spoiled by her grandmother, I wonder why she left her behind. I wonder if Dovey is correct about Anne wearing Ruby's clothes being bad luck. It's definitely weird, wearing Gilbert's dead wife's clothes and taking care of his daughter and he doesn't even know. He looked everywhere for her! And she's in his home acting like she doesn't even know him. Lol I cannot move past this. ~_~ Maybe Josie Pie-face will tell everyone how she knows Miss Cherry/Shirley.
2/25 c2 previouslyjade
I just realised is “Look for me by moonlight “ a reference to Alfred Noyes’ “The Highwayman”?
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