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2/8 c13 JuneOfTheVilla
A few hours ago I just finished working and thought, shouldn't KwaK be uploading soon? And then I received the notification email! Thank u for another riveting addition to your Penny wonderful!
2/8 c13 PhilsWhiskyCup
Wow! I broke out in a big grin at the end of this chapter. Monty on PEI is going to be so good! I love how you write her scrappiness and resourcefulness, and also give a sense of how close she is to the edge with them old blankets and her boots falling apart. What will Avonlea make of Monty? Can’t wait to find out :)
2/8 c13 Guest
Meant to be indeed. That line has encapsulated the perfect fulfilment of hope the couple of paragraphs preceding it brought. Light at the end of the tunnel. I'd love to see Monty interact with John Blythe. They feel like kindred spirits. But first, we need a Remy and Monty encounter. It's been teased for so long, it's meant to be?
Thanks for the unexpected gift of another chapter within days. I think I needed this one to recover from chapter 12.
2/8 c12 Guest
Wow, so Monty gave the seal skin coat to Gilbert? Where has she gone now? I hope Gil finds her again.
2/6 c12 PhilsWhiskyCup
I think I read this 3x through, as I was so excited for a new chapter I read it too quickly the first 2x! My heart hurts for Monty, leaving a place that has come to feel like home — you’ve done such a beautiful job developing her relationships with Mrs F and all the boarders. I’m so curious about Ruby II. Loved this chapter and washer for more. Thank you for this story!
2/6 c12 7wishwars
Ahhhhh this made sense for both their characters as they are in this! SO GOOD! I’m so curious what will happen next - that’s what I love about this story, I never know what to expect!
2/6 c12 Denie1943
How could she leave without her precious coat?
2/6 c12 Guest
Ok I didn't need to know that Gilbert makes sex noises while looking at seed catalogues! *\0/*:o So Monty has shed her seal skin. Wonder what name she'll be using when Gilbert sees her next. "Gilbert held her hand because it was dark and he knew his garden like he knew her eyes." That's lovely. All his descriptions of her eyes are. It is weird that Gilbert never talks about his daughter or even thinks about her. I guess he hasn't had much to do with her but still.
2/6 c12 YodaChick
Montys gone walkabout! I hope she's off to chase her dreams this time. . She's left her coat with Gilbert, a coat which would offer her warmth against the cold and . I hope she returns one fine day to collect it. I suspect she's gone to see if little Ruby is loved and cared for
2/5 c12 Guest
Oh no she's taken off again. I wish she had told Gil her real name when he guessed it, even though he insulted it lol. So Ruby jnr *is* his child after all? Ruby sounded quite rebellious. Monty has shed her seal skin but she's still hiding behind her hobo lifestyle.
2/5 c11 CCPH
There’s a sweet “sibling rivalry” between Charlie and Gil when it comes to women. Seems between Diana and Monty they finally laid their cards down on their preferences. It’d be interesting in the coming chapters to see what becomes of Charlie’s musings esp since he’s headed home. And of Remy/Jerry, what could possibly be going on with him? The mystery continues. I’m loving all the imagery of AnneGil having this conversation by the fire. It’s like a parallel image of Gil’s declaration to Anne in the book of wanting a home with a hearth fire “…and you” but with a far more favorable outcome for Gil in this version. I snorted a little when Monty asked Gil why he would care if she was hurt- BUSTED! As slick as Gil thinks he’s been he clearly can’t hid the obvious. I loved their back and forth exchange leading to their growing discovery that all the boundaries and barriers that prevented them from ever seriously considering their feelings for one another were so gloriously being removed layer by layer. And what swoon worthy final lines! “don’t interrupt I’m nervousabout what?” Sah-wooon!
2/1 c11 7Formerly known as J
I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, your characterisations are just perfect, kwaky. I love how effortlessly you can convey these characters to the reader. This is the kind of chapter that takes my breath away with your utterly genius kwak-writing skills and I get swept up in the joy of reading. The moment I read that Charlie's devotion to Miss Cherry only lasted a day, it told me everything about him. And I loved Gilbert needing to go out to his plot for some thinking time, he certainly does have a lot to think about. I laughed hard that most folks had forgotten he and Josie were an item. The list of the boys and their rooms was hilarious. Haha, it's all gold. You're the best.

But now, news from home and all those Avonlea grudges. But what now, Diana Barry has called off her engagement to Jerry!? I adored the little backstory about Diana and Jerry, that was kwak perfection, including the detail that with no Anne, Minnie May died. Wah! Are they really meant to be? I thought so, but the break up must be true, if even Charlie's mother says so! I'm desperate to know what's happened. I laughed again at Charlie's loooong description of Diana, the girl that every Avonlea boy wants to marry, and loved that the thesaurus is getting a workout in Monty's absence. Is Charlie really sweet on Diana, not Monty? Hmmm, now you've got me thinking.

The cherry on top (if you'll forgive the pun) was that scene with Gilbert and Monty by the stream. I love how much Gilbert notices about her and that his confession tells me even more about his character. God, I love that boy for telling her everything! I loved Monty's responses and just how Remy ended up being the one who got sent to the Cuthberts. But that little burning ceremony at the conclusion was an utter joy to read. I think my heart was beating as wildly as Gilbert's and who could resist those crinkles around his eyes? Not our Monty or this reader, that's for sure.

In case you haven't guessed, I LOVE this story so much! I adore you, too, kwaks. :)

Fave line: Alliances were what mattered. Wow, how do you do it?
Also: Once he had made a decision he followed it through to the end. So, so good!
And "dearest hayseed" - awww.
2/1 c10 Formerly known as J
Sorry, I've been having a busy time of it this past week or so, but the good news is TWO kwak chapters to read. Huzzah! Of course your first paragraph here was to die for, but what I loved most was Gilbert Blythe loving the farm news from home but still staving off the cabin fever by studying harder than ever. You just know that boy would be the best farmer that ever was, not because everything comes easy to him, but because of his sheer determination at everything he sets his mind to. Is it wrong that I found that super hot?

And our gorgeous Monty, I just adore her never-ending resourcefulness. What a gal, no wonder Gilbert is besotted. So when she said "taken" to him like that, I think I felt it in my heart just as much as he could. But what about that Selkie ghost story? It's just so perfect for this story, and my heart broke all over again when Gilbert got the message loud and clear. Wah!

Fave line: beating your bishop. LOL!
But oh! "I used to think so too." Argh! I love it!
1/31 c11 Guest
like everyone else I thought that the confession would go badly! Glad to be proven wrong. I love that monty just wanted to know that gilbert cared and of course his heart ran away with him like it always does where this redhead is concerned. But I can't help but think 'he doesn't even know her real name yet/what if she does a runner taking gilbert's heart with her'
1/31 c11 Guest
Wow! This chapter has once again upended my expectations. So many thoughts... but first, Diana Barry. Can't stop wondering what happened there? Found out about possible child out of wedlock (looking less likely with the description of Remy in this chapter), discovered a possible keepsake or perhaps a direct confession from Remy about Anne (has he discovered the existence of Anne in Charlie and Gilbert's lives from Charlie's letters to his mother, perhaps?), or maybe forced apart by circumstances (Mr Barry forbidding said match, learning of the doomed prospects of his proposed dairy farm in the same vein as Gilbert's assessment). Wherever the chips fall in this scenario, I can't imagine Anne and Gilbert leaving this unscathed. Ho hum. I smell trouble!
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