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1/30 c11 Guest
I know this gilbert doesn't want to be a doctor, but he has the kindly bedside manner down pat! We all thought this was going to go so badly but instead they kissed! How can we be half way through this story already? ? I don't want it to end. Love that they burned the ugly sweater and the cap hiding monty's beautiful red hair.
1/30 c11 3Lavinia Maxwell
Monty and Gilbert kissed ;)
1/30 c11 Denie1943
Almost! Couldn't you let them share just a few words of feelings? I so want them to be lovers. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
1/30 c11 7wishwars
Ahhhhhhhhhh I don’t think I was expecting that kiss but it felt so right! I love how Gilbert was feeling - sad, nervous, then hopeful, nervous lol so sweet! I’m so curious what will happen with them next. Will Monty tell him more about herself and Gilbert her about his daughter? Will she ever visit Avonlea?
1/30 c11 2Enna Energe
This was not how I saw Gilbert’s confession going (not that I’m complaining)! But I didn’t understand the bit about the Gillises. Why would they leave Gilbert’s daughter “at Mandorla“? Or that the name of the Blythe farm?
1/30 c11 Regina56
I think I’ve said this about most of your stories but I feel as if this is the best yet. I love the way the mystery is unfolding and if this story wasn’t derived AOGG I would still enjoy just as much. Now that’s saying something.
Your characters are wonderful and realistic. No character is contrived and everyone, including Josie and Charlie, seem to have some element of good in them.
In fact, this Charlie has reminded me of my son at times. Yes, really. My son is on the mild end of the autism spectrum and just like Charlie, he requires frequent reassurance. He also enjoys real life drama as long as it doesn’t include him. ( I abhor the way those with autism are often portrayed in film and tv because each person’s symptoms can vary greatly.) I’m certainly not suggesting Charlie is on the spectrum but you’ve succeeded in making him relatable to a mother who loves her own son dearly.
That was a terrific ending to the chapter. I am very eager to hear more about the Ruby storyline.
1/30 c11 8Catiegirl
We’re halfway though and we ended with THAT! Excellent. I’m nowhere near ready to say goodbye. This was beautiful, the feeling-out of characters, lowering defenses- and I smiled at Monty’s honesty with Gilbert. Still imagining, but so crystal clear and honest- that’s the Anne I grew up with. Love your work as always, Kwak,
1/29 c11 Awed reader
I am loving this story, and am so excited to read more! I adore all the wonderful details of time and place, the names of potato varieties, the particulars of garments and room furnishings. I love the rapport between Monty and the other boarders, I love how self-willed Monty is (so true to Anne making her path has she not been adopted at Green Gables.) And I love … Charlie?! How can you make me like Charlie? ;) I’m dying to learn more of the backstory with Gilbert & Ruby. I have a guess I’ll hold inside about that and see where you take us! Thank you for this and all tie other beautiful stories, they have been a balm in a tough year. What a gifted writer you are!
1/29 c11 Guest
Let me swoon for a moment over that scene of smitten Gilbert and his glorious currently-known-as-Monty redhead in their little Kingsport garden of eden..

That bit about Minnie may not surviving really got me. Anne impacts peoples lives in such a big way. Not just the Cuthberts and Gilbert, but Diana, Miss Lavender, Phil, Leslie, Katherine, etc they have all had their lives changed by her. Of course one thing that doesn't change is Gilbert thinking with his heart when it comes to her. I love how he was trying to be all practical and impersonal when telling her about Remy but his heart won out in the end of course. Monty was the surprisingly practical one when discussing him. its's sad that she acts like she's not good enough for Remy? Like no it's the other way round. Monty has a genuinely hard and lonely life. Remy has a pretty cushy one. Is this the end of Monty/Remy? Or will Monty go to Avonlea and get seduced by him? We all think he's the father of Ruby's baby for a reason, right? The mention of the grudge between the Blythes and the Cuthberts AND Gilbert saying that every guy wanted to go for a roll in the hay with Ruby. Well did Remy use Ruby then discard her? Was that why she was so sad? Lord Gilbert has a complicated life. _ Between his studies and the farm and the little girl who may or may not be his and now add Monty to the mix. And we don't even know what his relationship with Ruby really was yet.
1/29 c11 Guest
That conversation went nothing like I thought it would. He kissed her! He's so gone on her. There's nothing better than Gilbert in love with Anne, no matter the universe. Of course there's a lot more twists and turns to come, Monty is street wise and independent and he doesn't even know her real name and I notice that he never said whether or not Remy was a good man. I like that Gilbert and Charlie are genuine friends here and he's isn't a creep but LOL at him getting over Miss Cherry the moment her finds out Diana is available. I wonder why she called off the engagement especially since her and Remy have been close since childhood. I keep waiting for Fred to get a mention. And poor Minnie May, dying because Anne wasn't there to save her. :( That's pretty harsh that the Gillises are trying to offload Ruby jr on Gilbert. How can he take care of her when he's away at college?
1/29 c11 ErikaDM86
Well…definitely didn’t expect a kiss this quickly. And since it’s a halfway point, I’m expecting some trouble headed their way.

Now I’m definitely in the ‘Jerry is the father of Ruby’s baby’ camp. Why would the Blythe’s have issues with the Cuthberts? And why is the Gillis family leaving and seemingly leaving the baby somewhere else with Gilbert not seeming concerned at all? And why did diana call off the wedding!? She must have found something out…..

But that seemed like a quick 180 Anne did concerning Remy…something else has to happen. I think I’m going to stop overthinking and enjoy the ride!

Bring on the next chapter!
1/29 c11 Guest
Goodbye cap. Good riddance, sweater.
Onwards and upwards!
1/29 c11 Guest
My heart skipped a beat at the reference to "meant to be", restoring my faith once more, kwak!
I'm hopeful that we're seeing the evolution of "meant to be" as a concept - Gilbert/Ruby, Gilbert/Josie (ok, that might be rather weighted on one side), Anne/Green Gables, and now Diana/Jerry. Fingers crossed we'll get to see the next major domino fall... Monty/Remy. And finally arrive at the our "meant to be". I can only hope... and shall now continue reading the rest of the chapter in anticipation.
Thank you kwak. Your stories always give us so much to chew on, and bring so much new life and depth to characters we thought we've known all our lives (at least for me). This story has been an absolute joy to read and re-read. Thank you for taking us all on this incredible journey!
1/29 c11 Allytb420
2 things:
1) "Some dreams you just have to give up on, Charlie. I'm going to be a doctor." Aaahhhh this kills me! Not the fact that Gilbert doesn't want to be a doctor, but the fact that he's so acquiescent and doesn't have the drive to chase his dreams.
2) THE ENDING! thank you Gilbert Blythe for swooping in and kissing our dear Anne! The tension between these two has been so frustrating
1/29 c11 JuneOfTheVilla
Thank u for putting us out of our waiting misery! You're so great, KwaK! Yay! They kissed way earlier than I expected!
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