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8/14/2023 c22 Hami1011
good job
7/5/2023 c22 leleletsrize
Staff continued the fic. On Ao3. Though you need to get an account to see it.
3/25/2023 c22 1WarsmithOfSehmeth
It was a curious story, no doubt. I'd honestly wish it truly was finished, and I can wait for it, but... Can you please tell me how you planned to continue the story? I'd love to continue it, but I don't know how, and my variant is... Too strange, I must say.
2/15/2023 c22 EmperorCeph
Finally got to the end of this, it was a great read. Shame that the original author stopped and now this is pretty much discontinued.
11/27/2022 c10 4MortalitasBorealis
Alright, this has actually taken an interesting turn. Neutral territory is bringing out a bit more of that little bit of humanity he has, and it seems something's coming that will actually challenge his strength. The monsters trying to figure shit out is also the most interesting part of all this, and I admit the kunoichi seemingly getting afflicted by growing stacks of Insight is pretty well depicted. I'm kinda glad I stuck with this now, but we'll see.
11/27/2022 c8 MortalitasBorealis
I feel like I'm starting to understand that vague sense of familiarity. This story is GrimDark One Punch Man. Neither the focus nor the stakes are really on Saitama/Cyril. The protagonist is not trying to survive the world, the world is trying to survive the protagonist, and the PoV often focuses on every character that is not the protagonist as the characters with actual stakes and drives, while the protagonist is a black hole of narrative death with no motivation of his own other than getting through the day. Except Saitama actually has some semblance of drive with wanting to be a hero, with the challenge and acknowledgement that entails, and he's actually funny, unlike Cyril. Yet I find myself strangely drawn towards the struggles of the monsters trying to cope with this equivalent of a Keter SCP that's stuck in their world, especially Greilla and Seras, so on we go I suppose.
11/27/2022 c6 MortalitasBorealis
Honestly, I'm tempted to just drop this story. The protagonist has basically no personality and is just an overpowered abomination killing everything in his path, what little there is being nothing more than grimdark edgelord shit with only the barest 'aww but he has a soft spot for children'. The weird thing is though, how the story writes everyone other than him. Monsters and humans alike are often written sympathetically, all just trying to get through their own lives, never showing wanton cruelty or anything 'evil' that would make them deserve getting brutally butchered, as if the writer wants the reader to fear for THEIR lives, despite many taking 'antagonistic' roles. The stakes of the story are on all of these side characters, on the kunoichi, on Seras and Fina, on Sasha and the other heroes; there is no attempt to make the main character likeable, or present him as anything more than a font of death and misery for everything and everyone in the world. NO ONE likes him in this world, not even Sasha really. It's like he's supposed to be the villain, but at the same time not. Ugh... Maybe I'll give it a few more chapters still.
10/4/2022 c22 Sumiyao-Fan
To 'RedTheVariant': Thank you for all that you’ve done in preserving this 'dark fantasy' gem… even though the "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" kicked up a serious Shitstorm where killing the Mamono is pretty much 'encouraged' for all non-fans (and arguably, for good reason — Kenkou Cross isn’t really helping their case in encouraging us to be 'supportive' of the Mamono, when fan-works like AgeOfAngels’ "A Hunter’s New Home" can show that there’s an ugly side to it all).

Still… I’m nevertheless Sad that this will NEVER be continued.

While this was meant to be a 'tragedy' (when one gets rid of the 'Black-And-White Morality' stereotype, and pay close attention to the tragic fates and suffering all around… or just take a look at its 'TV Tropes' page), I unashamedly enjoyed Cyril Sutherland slaughtering opposition from both the Order and the Mamono… even though he’s less 'sane' (which isn’t really saying much) than his "Kuroinu" counterpart.

It REALLY makes me wonder how this crossover fic would have continued and then concluded — sure, it probably would have ended in tragedy but I’m sure there would have been a BADASS climactic 'battle' (slaughter, more like) or two.
~ Oyasumi Grenadine ~

To 'Malgrath' (Jan 31, 2022): Ah… a "Blade Runner" (1982) reference, eh? Truly, pop culture can be a wonderful thing, at times…

To 'Guest' (Feb 22, 2022) & 'Chelovekrealy' (Mar 6, 2022): 'StaffSergeant' (the original author) removed it to avoid some fandom drama that involves 'Kenkou Cross' (the author of the "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" series) and MGE-related fanfics.
9/21/2022 c22 Master shake
I liked it
6/29/2022 c21 2JDS62
Thank you very much for the good work you do re-uploading fics that have been taken down by brain-dead pillocks, especially ones who don't understand that fanfiction is a parody, especially crossovers.
6/20/2022 c22 SomePervyGuy
Thanks for the save and repost.
6/4/2022 c22 2nobodyreallyimportant
If you're looking for abandoned stories, what about My Android Can't Be this Cute by Lesser Ninja
Fic URL is s/8535869/
4/30/2022 c22 SoulOfCinders
Shame, this is such a good read
4/13/2022 c1 2Craask
Thank you for saving and posting the fic. I missed coming back and rereading it.
3/6/2022 c22 Chelovekrealy
Is this the end?
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