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2/3/2022 c12 2Noitaerc
Thank you for saving this story.
2/2/2022 c22 Monstrr
I really hope you reconsider continuing this or someone else decides to continue this fsnfiction.
1/30/2022 c22 1Malgrath
I understand that. There was one that was an Infinite Stratos and Naruto crossover that had Madura front and center. It was only around for about 9 months or so along with a few other Infinite Stratos fics I liked. But now, much like how an android described it's life, it's gone like tears in the rain.
1/29/2022 c22 Cryo-Epsilon5
I really hope the torch will be passed on. Cuz I fell in love with reading this series.
1/25/2022 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

1/27/2022 c22 gokerw
Doing god’s work my friend. Excellent work,good luck with other works
1/24/2022 c22 Shooter312
so this is the end ?. thanks for the upload author
1/24/2022 c22 naufalrakha0104
Oke.. Waiting for next chapter
1/24/2022 c22 That Farkn Guy09
Thank you Author for making this. While I am sad that there will be no updates coming soon, I just wanna say I’m happy you could upload as much as you could. Because I was and still am a recent user of fanfiction I never really got to see this story before it got taken down. So yeah, thank you, have a good day and take care. Buh bye.
1/24/2022 c22 Onion of the Soviets
You should mark this story as "completed" in my opinion
1/24/2022 c22 Divine Blizzard
While I am disappointed that this story will reach its end with no conclusion someday. I appreciate that even so this story will not be forgotten.
1/23/2022 c1 Petrus streamrock
Oh no! Our table... It's bro- Wait, I mean, Oh no! If I remembered correctly, this is the last chapter of this fict...
1/22/2022 c19 Divine Blizzard
Great stuff as always. Keep up the great work!
1/22/2022 c19 2RedTheVariant
listen does anyone have anyone fanfiction they would like put on here. you have to have the name and listed on here and it has to be exactly as it was written. and plz no yaoi, guro, Yuri, futanari fanfiction request. just stories that have been deleted. if I have the full name of the story I should be able to find it
1/15/2022 c15 Rios
A surprising good and in depth read
Please continue the good writing
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