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for The Good Hunter

1/13/2022 c15 10The Eschaton
May someone who tried to abuse their fans go **** itself
1/10/2022 c15 NtrIsTrashFetish
The order and the demon lords

Kill them all!

Blood for the blood god

Skull for the skull thrones!
1/9/2022 c15 Superjukes2

Yo, this chapter was fire on god
1/9/2022 c15 naufalrakha0104
Yeah kill those bastard.. I am sick of them
1/3/2022 c1 1Chelovekrealy
I am very glad that I came across this work. This is the best I've read! the verified plot, the logical actions of the characters, the absence of a fan service - it's more like a real book!
1/3/2022 c13 naufalrakha0104
Oho cant wait for next chapter
1/2/2022 c13 2RedTheVariant
I don't really know what I'll be doing with this story after iv uploaded all of it. I'll likely continue uploading the story I find that are deleted and forgotten. I already have one lined up. it's not finished though. I asked the author for permission to reupload but he hasn't gotten back to me. it's been months since I tried contacting him. I'm also aware of the shear amount of amazing completed stories that have been deleted for some reason. I'll try my best to find those. also I won't reupload anything Yaoi or Yuri related so don't bother asking. and since finding the original filles for some of these fanfiction is difficult it will take me some time to dig up some big ones.
1/2/2022 c13 Divine Blizzard
So far I am quite enjoying this story. Although since this is a re-post, what are you going to do once you reach the dead end? Are you going to continue it or will it be in an indefinite hiatus?
1/2/2022 c13 The Disquieting One
i'm glad that i can re-read this after a long while. but...
it is one thing to reupload a story. but will the story continue in your hand as well?
1/2/2022 c11 6NewtypeAuthor346
Back from the holiday. The Writer didn’t even mind that you re-upload it.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/29/2021 c1 BlackMan
I tried to make one however it said I had to wait until January 16th… welp def not seeing it anytime soon…
12/31/2021 c11 TheLichEmperor
Caught up again, did not know that this story got deleted. Thank you for re-upload it.
12/27/2021 c1 7AgeOfAngels
Do you have an Ao3 Account? If not, you won't be able to see it.

I can't link it cause FF is weird with links.
12/21/2021 c11 BlackMan
AgeOfAngels for some reason I can’t find the reuploaded fanfic on ao3, happen to have a link or something so I can see it?
12/21/2021 c1 20Jumper 21
Do that mean that you're continuing the story or just reposting it?
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