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for A Rockwaller Christmas Carol

12/23/2021 c4 96Dsman
was Ron scared of her doll?
12/23/2021 c3 Dsman
ok I have 2 more chance to be right
12/23/2021 c2 Dsman
the three ghosts are Kim, Ron and Tara I'm calling it now
12/23/2021 c1 Dsman
first time I ever thought to google humbug
false talk
a hard candy(peppermint flavor)
a trick
12/23/2021 c6 143Invader Johnny
Well Bonnie was certainly surprised by Kim and Ron, sadly that wasn't enough for her to change for the better during High School.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
12/22/2021 c5 Invader Johnny
I'm not surprised with how Connie and Lonnie showed complete disregard towards Bonnie, goes to show that unfortunately sisterly love isn't always possible.

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12/20/2021 c4 3Pog1
I love how the first spirits Monique and how shes still in character, it's such a perfect concept, as for the story itself, I like this idea and want to see how it ends, please keep writing, stay merry!
- Pog
12/18/2021 c4 143Invader Johnny
Well, Bonnie going down memory lane was kinda bittersweet, I do wonder if the dollhouse will come into play later?

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12/17/2021 c3 Invader Johnny
Ghost Monique certainly impressed Bonnie but I think going down memory lane will be quite a sad experience and then some.

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12/17/2021 c2 138Gothicthundra
OH SNAP! OOo spooky vibes I like... and I love the description of the dark room and fire.. I just have this image of her like... wine in one hand tablet scrolling on the other for gossip.
12/17/2021 c1 Gothicthundra
Oh dear Bon-Bon. I sense you shall soon regret some choices ;)
12/16/2021 c2 143Invader Johnny
Elsa gave Bonnie quite the vivid warning if she doesn't change her ways but go figure she would think her drinking was the cause of the ghostly visit.

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12/15/2021 c1 70MasterDuelistMichael
Bonnie's being a real Veruca right now, isn't she?
12/15/2021 c1 143Invader Johnny
Well Bonnie certainly is doing her Scrooge part rather well and then some, she isn't giving any positivity to the people around her and oh boy is that going to come back to haunt her.

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