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6/28 c8 jjsmith103
Oof the lack of communication and understanding can be so hard. Especially for a couple that has experienced loneliness and abandonment like they have. This is a nice reference to EIP. Not sure if Katara knows the meaning behind the Panda Lilly here, she does seem to be very educated so perhaps she does. I’m all for the mushy Kataang love (as well as the not so mushy not so SFW Kataang love) so I can’t wait to see how they get past this.
6/28 c8 3Stag96
As always, beautiful! I read it on AO3, but I will leave a review here! I really love how you put the awkwardness of the day after into them, and I love the parralel with the Ember Island Players!
6/13 c7 Handler
Wow I read the full version and it is interactions with each other’s kids is adorable to read. I’m dying to find out Katara’s reaction to Aang’s confession :)
5/17 c7 Guest
Esto fue maravilloso, pero espero que Katara no lo lastime, por favor
4/23 c7 Guest
4/23 c7 Stag96
I read it all on AO3, and I have to say, this has to be one of the best smut chapters you have ever written! IT had everything! Just wonderfully done!
3/25 c5 Guest
Me imagino la cara de todos mientras ellos sostiene sus manos, jajajaja. Y ese beso! Ay Katara estuvo bien pero luego retrocediste
3/24 c6 Gaby Gonzalez
Oh por Dios! Lo piensan demasiado! Por cierto que buen amigo es Aang, tan sacrificado, jajaja. Bumi no! O sería kya no!? Jajajaja. Me encanta esta historia
3/22 c6 10A.D.Curtis
Oh, our poor traumatized boi… he’s so afraid of losing Katara. She’s all he feels like he has now!

Zuko’s probing, haha!

Aww, I’m with Katara— I ALSO kind of melted at the idea of Aang walking in with sleeping Kya in his arms!

“I….I like you…more than normal." lol, you are exemplifying the awkward!Aang here and I love it!

“Oh you need touch… I’ve read about this” lol!

“ It was wicked to use such an excuse and yet he couldn't summon an ounce of himself to care.” yup. Lust-brainblock. Aang is such an in-the-moment person that this rings so true! And he loves her so much! I love how you have written them both wanting the same thing but mia-interpreting the other’s intent.

Bah! How dare you stop there! Haha. Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait then ;) Loving this! Keep up the good stuff, Coyote!
3/21 c6 Guest
Amazing chapter
3/18 c6 jjsmith103
Omg you almost had me lose it with them trying to back peddle on their feelings to not let the other one down. The angst of them trying to dance around their feelings was such a good hurt. And I’m so glad you had Aang take the leap of faith and kiss her like that I’m glad he had to succumb to his desires for her. After all It’s just kissing. Just for a friend. To not bottle up emotions. And that ending was hysterical I hope that wasn’t written from experience lol.
3/18 c6 Guest
Paused reading at non-binary. Not that I have a problem with that but I don't think that fanfics are the right place for politically controversial topics. But in the end, that is your decision.
3/18 c6 3Stag96
This was such a sweet chapter, from Aan going to the Dad/daughter dance with Kya, to him and Katara talking about what they want. Well, maybe dancing around it a little bit, but that is the sweet thing with Kataang! And that end had me laughing so hard !
3/12 c5 Anonymoose
Katara!? You foolish foolish woman… there’s no getting out of this one. Can’t wait for more. Really… need moar.
2/25 c5 Honeysucklebee
It seems Katara and Aang were so hurt from past experiences that they are afraid to try again. She doesn’t want to hurt him by talking to him, but probably will anyway by not talking to him. Everyone is just so much better off together!

Thank you for updating! Great writing!
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