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for Reborn in the Elemental Nations

3/5 c7 Matt
Really enjoy both your stories. Hope you continue writing.
4/21/2022 c7 oakleaf89
This story has such great potential, please continue
3/4/2022 c7 1BlackBookmark
Do you think Taiyo can tell when someone is going to the bathroom?
3/4/2022 c6 BlackBookmark
Taiyo is gonna be GIGA CHAD!
3/4/2022 c5 BlackBookmark
Keep up the good work!
3/4/2022 c4 BlackBookmark
Other people, please read this story! It's really good!
3/4/2022 c3 BlackBookmark
I will keep posting reviews for each chapter to try and help get this story attention. It's really great!
3/4/2022 c2 BlackBookmark
Ouch. Grandparents fighting. For good reason really, but still ouch.
3/4/2022 c1 BlackBookmark
Ok. Great start. Really sad about the dad, but keep up the story please!
2/10/2022 c7 Read Falcon
While it hurts that this story means that we will be seeing less Fawley, this story has alot of potential. You have a talent for World building that gives your OCs so much life. Keep up the good work.
1/23/2022 c1 2GoMagikarp
Huh, didn't know you had a new fic out. Honestly... a bit surprised it's as clunky as it is. None of the polish I've come to expect from Rebirth. Like, to give an example, you use the word conceal 7 times in 13 sentences, which just comes off as stilted and awkward. Really the entire chapter was a bit of a mess and I probably wouldn't continue if I was coming into the story blind.
1/11/2022 c7 L
Hmm. Interesting. I'll follow this story to see where it goes.
1/10/2022 c7 SleeperHold27
I’m really enjoying this and hope you keep at this story! Thanks for the chapter.
1/10/2022 c5 Doctor Doofenshmirtz
Actually, Karin "awakened" the chains during the forth ninja world war, so it can still be a kekkei genkai even in canon, so who knows what it is. There are many things that were never fully flashed out after all.

But you go with whatever you want it to be, there are hundreds of fics with Naruto having them from birth on here, and I don't see anyone complaining over them.
1/10/2022 c7 Doctor Doofenshmirtz
Another amazing chapter. I honestly have nothing to say other then: keep it up!
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