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8/10 c13 6meg5442
I have just discovered your story and as you see I'm not very far into it yet but I am thoroughly enjoying it. Bella/Paul stories are among my favorites I like bella/Jasper pairings too. I look forward to seeing this story unfold and I have already downloaded the sequel. Thank you for sharing.
5/9 c31 12bkhchica
Love love loved this story. So good.
5/8 c20 bkhchica
Jeez. This is quite a ride!
5/8 c15 bkhchica
5/8 c13 bkhchica
Wow. What jerks
5/8 c12 bkhchica
Well, I already hate Rachel. And Sam needs to mind his own business. Though maybe Paul should have shown him how little he cares for Rachel… I wish he’d have just marked Bella from the get go.
5/7 c10 bkhchica
So I was wrong…. But I wish I wasn’t
5/6 c6 bkhchica
So I would think that even if she’d seen the wild, the alpha orders would still hold where he couldn’t tell her anything. Maybe he didn’t imprint the same way the others did because he was already completely in love Bella….
5/6 c2 bkhchica
Oy… anyone but Edwin…
5/4 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Love it very much
4/29 c32 mrsjackson09257
awesome will check it out
4/29 c32 1catgrl
Yay thanks for letting us know. I’ll go check it out.
4/29 c32 1Sandy2348
Yeeeeees <3 I felt like the story just dropped off suddenly. The sequel is very much appreciated
4/29 c32 1B4bidden
woohoo have me celebrating as I loved this story, and definitely following the sequel
4/29 c32 Guest
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