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1/6 c1 portal9999
Will there be a continuation?
6/11/2023 c2 1runelt99
Downloads game
Downloads modding tools
Gets 100 mods
The game crashes
Uninstalls game


So in first chapter Thalmor mentioned the emperees, and considering that there should be an emperor I assume that dark brotherhood assassinated him? What I first thought was that dragon born is female and became the empress and maybe secretly married raiden? Just a thought.
4/11/2023 c2 turtleshep
will you be updating this it's very well written and I would love to see more
2/16/2023 c2 OZI
man this is a great story/chapter keep it up man
12/26/2022 c1 Reader 451
Huh, didn't notice that you were writing a Skyrim fic. Oh well, it's not like I got in 10-15 chapters late.
Also, Skyrim and a lightning wielding character... I do miss Ageless Reaper's "An Electric Game". I'm sure you have heard that one a lot in the reviews, Sorry :(
11/23/2022 c2 That2-one3-girl4
Thanks for the hard work!
Can't wait to read more.
7/27/2022 c2 wstiglet
I hate the fact that the first chapter gets you hooked and waiting for more only to never receive an update D:
6/12/2022 c2 yahiro365
That was badass... Not sure if you're still writing this one or not, but it's such a cool premise. I love lightning abilities.
6/4/2022 c2 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
5/14/2022 c2 5Snare646
Pretty good stuff, you should continue it
4/28/2022 c2 Last Primaris
I hope Raiden isn’t the Dragonborn, let him do his own shit while the goody goody hero saves the world in the background, it’s always more interesting when the oc mc isn’t the mc of the story they entered
4/23/2022 c1 dragon rose 11
love the story is the main oc the dragonborn or not ? also I hope he gets paired up with serana we need more isekai oc x serana stories in this Fandom.
4/22/2022 c2
Hope you update this story again
4/20/2022 c1 AvidGamer1124
...Not gonna lie, I feel like the alternate start mod was wasted...
4/17/2022 c1 2XXxxxadisxxxXX
I like the basic concept and the English seems good, but I have been burned badly by sentient "gamer" systems one too many times to give this a chance. The bloodline and stuff going on with the Thalmor could be really interesting; I hope your writing does it justice.
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