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for Proposal From the Inside

3/25/2022 c2 117bcbdrums
YAY chapter two! i love adrena's look, and lucre's exuberant confidence is SO him. i loved the silliness and suspense with the teal van. can't wait to see what chaos unfolds!
1/8/2022 c1 bcbdrums
well, those two are definitely dressed to impress! i can picture their attire well! i wonder where they'll be meeting francis and adrena with the former being so...frugal, haha. and with the economy being as it is... very, very interesting. i'm looking forward to see where this goes!
12/17/2021 c1 138Gothicthundra
LOL! 1% pffft I died... This is gonna be utter chaos! And bless the Adrena x Lucre ship is sailing!
12/17/2021 c1 102Ohfortheloveofpete
I had Frugal meet my OC…and Adrena Motor Ed.

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