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for The Faith of an Auror

2/20 c9 BereniceFrench
I loved it! read it in one sitting as I always wait for a story to be complete before I read it. I really liked their connection and personalities: it was nice to see a very competent Ron, very much Herminone's equal, but with differents skills. That AU magical world was very inventive: I could have spent more time in it with Romione. Thanks for writing for the past 3 years: I really loved your stories!
2/19 c9 MountainWomanP
Very nicely done! You are a talented writer! Hope you come back to writing Romione fanfiction again! All the best!
2/16 c8 2merendinoemiliano
Very good interactions
2/13 c7 Guest
This has been worth the wait. This story continues to show a unique perspective on the Wizarding World and it is a fascinating read as a result. Thank you for picking it up again.
2/14 c7 merendinoemiliano
A bit fast, but very cool and fun story
2/13 c7 10chemrunner57
That was a great chapter on so many levels... Ron's prowess, Hermione's helping and their confessions...

You're so good at this.
2/12 c6 MountainWomanP
Thank you so much for the update! I hope you get the motivation to complete it... Its such an interesting premise!
2/12 c6 Ronnie11
thank you for update
10/11/2022 c1 MountainWomanP
Interesting storyline! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next update
4/13/2022 c5 GlassyTangerine
*each other
4/13/2022 c4 GlassyTangerine
New update! My oh my I love BAMF!Ron. So clearly they haven't gotten over each, and now they're about to act as a couple. Funny how Ron tries to hold back his feelings for Hermine yet he set up a very trap for himself. Shall see what you've gotten yourself into, my boy!
4/12/2022 c5 chemrunner57
Glad you're back... i really like this story.
4/12/2022 c1 Hanako1015
I reaaaalllyyyy love your fic, thx for coming back and impatiently waiting for the next chapters
4/12/2022 c5 ronwnher
That is a great chapter and a very interesting story line. I hope we have more frequent updates. I love Ron and Hermione here.
4/8/2022 c4 GlassyTangerine
This is soooooooooo CAPTIVATING! You're doing an amazing job! The plot is very promising. And I love love LOVE the way you depict Ron and Hermione! I dare say you are the very writer that we need in Romione community with your unique writing style. Update soon, please? Pretty Please?
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