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for Jaune Arc: The Runemaster

12/31/2022 c6 SackBroMyke
not sure if you're going to continue this story but I enjoyed what is there. I hope you do continue it, but understand if have dropped it.
8/19/2022 c6 2UnlawfulGentleman
I genuinely hope you come back to this one, see to updating it more. I read it mostly on a whim because it'd been a cool minute since I've read ANYTHING Bloodborne-related and I thought the idea of Jaune as a Runemaster seemed interesting - color me unprepared. Jaune's snatched from his family at an extensively young age, to the point where Jade's attempt with him . . . kinda does come across as hopelessly childish in nature (not in a bad way, but dude was THREE when he was taken. He has basic memories of the time and the full, raw deal of emotions that would come from being a kidnapped three year old; her attempt to fix things was godawful to the point where even if Jaune weren't so damaged, it'd STILL fail horrifically. I mean her attempt is better than Ozpin's, which consists primarily of: I am a person of authority, you should respect me/I am old beyond words, powerful enough to be a thorn in your side so just do I say, but it still was way too much of an emotional response for the situation). Because of this he's almost fully apart of the Dream, to the point where almost everything about him is shaped by Yharnam in some way, shape or form and holy shit are these people just not ready.

His own team's greatly put out by him at first - although oddly, thanks to Ozpin they get past that quickly as they realize they can be taught. Which is a . . . weird situation, to say the least. They all consider him a friend and I suspect that Jaune at least LIKES them, but they oddly seem determined to make demands of his personal time (in chapter six), which just seems odd and in spite of how he spoke to them regarding the Arcane Arts, they come back with a response that even the most ill-equipped should recognize as at least a little bit offensive on their part. But at the same time, Jaune's post-game.

He's more than likely a Great One himself, one whose struggles will lie in all but the most powerful of Grimm, perhaps a dedicated team of Maidens, Ozpin, Salem and the Brother Gods themselves in terms of enemies. No one presents a challenge to him anymore, he has whatever his ultimate goals are and the whole Runemaster/science angle comes across as Jaune being something of an amoral mad scientist which is further reinforced by his new deal with Blake. He likes his team, but not to any extent beyond making their friendship useful and easy to him and manipulates them just as much, so seeing him forced into more normal circumstances because of that is honestly kind of satisfying.

His friendship with Weiss is an odd one because Blake's an experiment, Ruby's a friendship he has to put little effort into and Yang is a non-entity to him. Treat Ruby well and Yang will continue to like him, keep his manipulations secret and he'll just be the quirky asshole on Team JNPR. But Weiss he's physically attracted to in spite of everything, more-or-less speaks her language but is unafraid to call her out, all without being rude and in such a manner that it comes off as self-improvement. It's oddly the closest relationship he has so far and just about everything about this suggests both Jaune and Weiss might eventually get what they want (each other), somewhere down the line (which is squicky because I don't see Jaune ever falling like he could make Weiss fall, through his manipulation of her but also entertaining to some degree) while doing Weiss a favor by having her recognize her own issues.

Leading to her doing a good thing - her apology to Ruby's a bit less than what it was in canon but at the same time more effective, Yang will probably be a bit pissed but understanding to some degree and . . . yeah. Blake's gonna have an aneurysm, because that's gotta be a sore subject to touch and it'll only be worse once she realizes that from her perspective, Weiss has a point.

It's just a good story about an eldritch god come to a setting where it can swipe away the curse of Grimm and Salem with ease, but it's all about whatever said god-like being wants. And Jaune wants proof he hasn't gone mad, but only seems to notice his own insanity when it's brought up to him or shoved in his face. It's interesting because if he feels he hasn't gone mad, he never improves but betters society in ways that help them well past Salem. Or he's confronted with his own madness and it goes one of two ways: very poorly and as such, there's not a terrible amount of survivors (unlikelier option), or: not well. But having a good head on his shoulders, having solid allies and enemies throughout Remnant and a goal to fight towards, he might just channel all that madness towards . . . something better. A world without Salem, Ozpin, Grimm . . . who knows.

Not me, obviously, I'm just taking random stabs in the dark here. Maybe he has goals I haven't even thought of - but honestly, I'd just like to be able to read some more. About his abilities wowing everyone around him, Ozpin continuing to have the worst year ever, the family from the past learning that sometimes it's best just to let the past lie and just where this all is gonna go.

Either way, thanks for the fic so far! Been an incredibly fun read.
3/9/2022 c6 2mistalenny
Damn looks like Juane played Blake like a guitar.

Looking forward to the next chapter
2/13/2022 c6 1SentinalSlice
I hope Jaune learns to be more human, that is why he decided to go to beacon right? I don’t really understand why he is purposely antagonizing his sisters.
2/11/2022 c6 Jack1nTheBox
hmm, interesting, i hope there won't be any more Yahrnamites showing up at beacon but i guess we'll see.

pretty cool concept and given that Bloodborne crossovers are fairly rare I'm always glad to see a new one.
2/7/2022 c6 Gonsmoss
I really don't like Jaune's personality. It's just far to similar to Ozpins. Both know their way with words and both will use it to manipulate people. Like he did with Blake. Same stuff to Ozpin manipulating Ruby to become his student in vol1.
I can't really cheer for Jaune in any way or form. I'm mostly anticipating the moment when he will finally stumble and everything will blow into his face exposing twisted snake inside.
Perhaps i've missread a character but i can see Jaune in any different light.
2/6/2022 c6 3Fyr RedNight
Great work on this chapter.

Jaune's friendship with Weiss is an entertaining prospect, their interactions with each other are very refreshing to read.

Pyrrha being the team leader offers really lots of opportunities, especially concerning her character, as the leader she is forced to go outside her comfort zone, which in turn develops more her personality.

The fact that Blake will be one of the first to learn the Arcane Arts is a welcomed surprise and an interesting development. I'm curious to know what kind of ripples this will make in the long run.

I'm very much looking forward to read the next chapter!
2/6/2022 c6 Guest
Me gusto el capitulo
2/6/2022 c6 StrangestQuark
What an interesting story! I don't believe I've read one with a personality for Jaune quite like this and the Bloodborne elements only make it all the more interesting. Thanks for sharing and update soon!
1/21/2022 c5 Benyx
Love the story so far and can’t wait to read more! If I had to guess I’d like to say the she might be Lady Maria or maybe Flora? I unfortunately haven’t played the games so I can’t make too educated a guess but those two would be my first choices. Anyways keep up the great work and wishing you the best!
1/20/2022 c5 killzombie74
excellent chapter, I liked how Jaune gives more importance to his new allies than to family ties.
1/20/2022 c5 Fyr RedNight
Great work on this chapter.

I'm sorry to say that I have no idea about who this "she" is referring to though.

I look forward to find out!
1/7/2022 c1 73KVeronicaP
I think I've gone down a rabbit hole in perusing crossovers, but I found a gen with this fic. Only one chapter in, and I love how you're writing the characters and keeping the pace quick. Thanks for writing, and I'll be reading onward. Pen on!
1/4/2022 c4 3Fyr RedNight
This is a really interesting and captivating story.

Your way of writing the characters is very much entertaining. Especially Jaune of course.

I am looking forward to read more of this promising story!
1/3/2022 c4 TomasDark
Fucking awesome!
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