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for The Mighty Avengers Rewrite

4/12 c3 3LazinessRules
Mmmm... You know what would be a pretty interesting story? A Marvel version of DC's Young Justice.
4/6 c3 sonnycherone955
Speaking of Shang-Chi, wait not make him apart of your story too? you can make him a combination of his mcu counterpart and gene khan from armored adventures, he could offer some insight for Tony on all of mandarin's magic crap.
4/3 c3 Spider-Sonic 123
Not that I’m complaining, but was there really any need to rewrite the story?
4/1 c2 7Althea Sirius
Awesome to see an update! Loving the changes so far, familiar yet different.
1/2 c1 Sonny cherone
Nice job but I hate it when writer's restart their stories from scratch. You know you could just edit your original story's chapter's right?
12/31/2021 c1 8CRUDEN
I'm curious as to what you'll change in the rewrite. Will the team be the same or are you changing the line up?
12/22/2021 c1 5patrickthenobleman
Nice uploading this and starting with Spidey, especially since we've just got not only a new Spider-Man movie (which in itself brings back pretty much the entire Spider-Man film franchise) but Spider-Man finally appearing in the Avengers video game.
12/21/2021 c1 7Althea Sirius
I'm eager to see what's changed or added. Showing a bit more of Peter's luck is a good start.
12/21/2021 c1 spiderman1fan
great start, can't wait for more.
12/20/2021 c1 TopGun1986
Wait you're rewriting the Avengers story?

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