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for Adapting to Destiny (Destiny Saga Book One)

5/8 c4 Kkmememesha
THIS WAS AMAZING AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! You nailed Bella's POV and I liked their reactions to the cameo though I myself have never watched grimm.
5/5 c4 Stephieli
just tripped over your story and was amazed at how exciting it is to read, even the beginning. At first I didn't like David but I just started to love him the same as all other characters. I also love your doing in bella's character, but I wouldn't stray too far from the original character.
I think Bella's POV was good and you shouldn't worry too much about it. I would love to read more of her POV because of her new skills and hobbies, but also because I love the POV'S of her and Edward.
And with that said, I can barely contain my impatience to get the next chapter updated, because you write so well and I am pretty excited.

Please please update soon. Greetings from Germany
4/5 c3 1HaiseKanekiV2
Ay! I called that he had super strength before it was confirmed! Nice hints that you threw out from before. If it had come out of nowhere it would have been weird. I also love that there are consequences to his 'Kaioken' too, so he can't just spam it (yet anyway).
I like that while mentally an adult, he is still a kid. Like when they were going to tell their dad about the kidnappers and he was like "Nope". very realistic.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/5 c1 HaiseKanekiV2
Hey! Loving this story so far! I went in with no expectations, I was NOT expecting book quality from a fanfic! I've never even seen or read Twighlight and I'm hooked! Honestly makes me want to start reading them just to understand these characters! David (or you I suppose) is an entertaining character to follow, and I'm interested to see if his 'life high' will come down anytime soon! Hopefully not, it's nice to see him happy, at least for now lol
Anyway, I look forward to what you'll do! Keep up the great work!
3/27 c4 Slycerr
I love the story!
3/22 c1 santos.luis.contato
where is the Book 2? Book 1 was only to tell his life before Canon... kinda of disapointed...
3/17 c4 theMerryMonarch
Ok, you got me. This onde is definitely interesting.
3/7 c1 Guest
The 90's really was peak civilization.
3/3 c4 3fireball900
Hey, just found this story, it's great so far!
Looking forward to the the twins interacting with the Cullens (and Edwards stalkery in particular!)
2/27 c4 2Demigod Patronus
So we finally get to the car stuff, noice!

On one hand, revealing future knowledge would be an issue. But considering Bella's mind is intruder proof, it is a good bet. More so, when he feels like he needs to talk to someone at least before it gets too much for him.

Also, get on that Chipotle investment when they are still smalltime now :P

Overall, a good chapter. Eagerly waiting for the next one.
2/26 c4 3Siblings Grimm
I think you did an okay job with Bella’s pov. I prefer David’s, but wouldn’t mind an ocassional shift. Looking forward to when he tells her that her world was a book
2/26 c4 Sandford9687
Lost me when he started explainin the whole reincarnation stuff best of luck but hate those storys ruins them every time.
2/26 c1 AXlii1
Him telling her about reincarnation is fine, as long as he doesn’t say she’s from a fictional book series.
2/26 c4 3RonaldM40196867
Time to leave, Bella.
2/26 c4 ScientistXXXX
He should just made all those notes in invisible ink that shows in uv flashlight it would been much more secure also he just showed normal world timeline events right wonder if he will ever show twilight events I am really curious for emma's reaction to those

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Nanomachine forming guns and stuff like bio guns and bio machines and fusions of both

Stuff like non ftl travel impulse drives,ion and fusion engines and

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