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for A World Away

1/13 c8 Miaxrl.1267
I love this story sm! Please update soon! I’ve been waiting since your last update! :,(
12/12/2022 c8 2Siegfrieda
I love it! I'd never read a story like this. I want to read more :)
9/24/2022 c8 18tabjoy13
Nice expectation subversion with her brother showing up when Kakashi's in a towel.

Wow, overbearing brother and father much? Maybe Drake isn't the only person she needs some space from.

Thank you for writing!
9/24/2022 c7 tabjoy13
Oh, Kakashi wandering around Walmart. haha

Nope nope nope, hanging out with your male boss, bad idea.

Thank you for writing!
9/24/2022 c6 tabjoy13
Thank you for writing!
9/24/2022 c5 tabjoy13
She just took off the headset? Is there no battery pack to go with that? Back in my day (snort) we had to have a battery pack belted to our waists like we were gunslingers.

Did she ever call/text her friend and tell her not to deploy the national guard? I probably just missed that part.

AND...Steven is officially making a red flag wave, along with the creep warning flag. Manager talking about where you'd spend the night? (flag waves insistantly)

What WAS that about? Did you put your name on the list or not?! Also, good storm foreshadowing (I assume).

Thank you for writing!
9/24/2022 c4 tabjoy13
Question: how did Kakashi unlock her phone to have it translate, finally up?
9/24/2022 c2 tabjoy13
North central Minnesota is very specific and yet, I don't think it'll mean anything to Kakashi, alas. We (the readers) can probably assume you're from there because people don't often bother dividing states into regions unless that matters to them. Like how most people from the cities won't acknowledge much of anything north of Duluth.

As far as the lake being magical, any lake that spits out Kakashi Hatake is magic in my book.

Thank you for writing!
9/12/2022 c8 Guest
This is story is amazing! I'm really looking forward to chapter 9! Keep up the good work. :)
8/16/2022 c1 1kawaiininken
Nice Idea
8/16/2022 c8 kawaiininken
This is an awesome story... can't wait for next chapter:-D
7/18/2022 c8 UnfairConditions
I really enjoy how this story is progressing.
7/18/2022 c8 evabarros351
I really hate this Drake. we finally learn more about her, that she has a brother. does her brother have chakra? I have a theory that some ninja already fell there and had children, resulting in her having chakra. It would also be nice if kakashi was exposed to more difference between here and the ninja mind, wars, children and violence
7/18/2022 c8 3Just-Dust
Poor Kakashi.
Im a little angry at Adrian... Isn't her job to adjusting her choices in order to calm his worries and when it's about her trauma.
[ So, the man wasn't stupid. ] Oooh hoho, not nice Kakashi, not nice.
What does Adrian means by "don't try anything"? Is he against a romantic relationship between them? If it's that it : is it because he think that this type of relationship for her sister will only hurt her? Or because he see that it would be anxiety-provoking for her if Kakashi made advances that she did not want (due to the context of cohabitation and her past).
6/17/2022 c7 Shadow.nao
Awesome fic! Kudos! ️️️️
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