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for My New Life in Equestria

12/27/2021 c1 WeepingDiscord
I recommend posting this to as that’s the main site for fanfics with MLP in them though it may be best to post it under a new name as there are already a lot of stories with it on the site

Not saying you can’t post it her though but you will probably get more attention over there as destiny crossovers are liked
12/22/2021 c1 ShurimAFK
Damn, can't wait for the second chapter, I'm really intrigued.
12/22/2021 c1 OnePunchPlayer
Hrm... so long as the [ Enemy's ] influence Across the main [ Flower Game ] verses endlessly continues, well there would be No 'retirements' for Any Physically living Lightbearer Guardians around.

And would only attract the main War happenings into other 'untouched' [ Grapes ] to the vast [ Flowers ] . like this Unfortunate verse... [ mumbled scratching my head after looking over at this chouce of a crossover ]

So hopefully that race and their leaders be ready to Try and stave off their own Collapse... [ Ominously Grimaced a bit ]

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