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for Naruto's Karma

7/24 c1 marquis.shax
The Kama seal is supposed to eventually end up in the person being take over by the one the seal belongs to in this case Kaguya so the more Naruto uses that seal the sooner he's going to end up turning into Kaguya
7/20 c4 Drakon45
7/18 c4 Phantom Thief of Hearts
Go by the Ajuka route, the red siscon is too used.

Naruto and Asia is a good couple, more natural than the canon dxd version (issei) .
7/2 c4 M1stymix
History wise they could be a match together but personality wise it's kinda like Hinata all over again and being both kind is kinda weak excuse doesn't really compliment each other and wouldn't push each other to be better. And with your argument could be the same with Akeno tbh since technically she also became on orpan and was hated for her fallen blood. I think having similar hobbies is the key to be match. Especially with Naruto's experience with a god having destroyed everything he cherished
6/23 c4 Guest
Ajuka. He's lot smarter and reasonable than sirzech. And its rarely done so i think ajuka is better.
6/23 c4 ApolloDog
I don't get what you are asking when it comes to your poll?

Neat chapter, you are right and you need a BETA for grammar at the very least.

Flashback was a neat idea though.

Naruto and Asia do make for a good pairing as well.
6/23 c4 surya25addanki
Yeah, wish you updated faster,but nice
6/23 c4 Alim fanficker1
kill the trashh
6/23 c4 gaby11
the chap is interesting
2/6 c3 SoulOfCinders
The fight was underwhelming but the idea is there just gotta tune up the hype a little bit more
1/23 c2 Guest
Lol there's acting Mature, then there's being and OP Edgy Douche like your Naruto is portrayed. Also you know the Karma mark is to eventually take over and replace the host right? The premise of this story makes no sense.
1/23 c3 Hugo0974
Really good fic! Naruto with karma was a unique ideia, I like it. I already add the story favorites, hope you update the next chapter soon! Bye.
1/22 c3 SugamDewan
Interesting story please continue
1/19 c2 Atharv
Hey, nice chapter. Appreciate it but I dont think that naruto should have used Karma to take out small fries like Rias. He could have done that in base when he was 14. Let alone adult Naruto who can hang with normal momoshiki in base.
Anyways keep it up.
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