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5/8 c10 7Mariana Masen
Hi there, I just wanna to said that I love this story so much! I love the tension between Edward and Lily and the way she is in general. Keep up the good work and se ya the next update!
5/3 c7 Sayukira
Hola hola! Se volvió a subir el capítulo 6 en lugar del 7 (
4/15 c6 Guest
I absolutely love this chapter. The part about Lily thinking of tacos had me laughing out loud. I can't wait to read more and Edward is so well written especially. You've kept him in character. It's amazing!
4/15 c10 Indigo
I really enjoy your character, Lily. She is very relatable and feels real. I like your story a lot but hope it veers more away from the original plot like when you had Lily attend church. Actually, that may be interesting to explore further with a church-going girl getting involved with a vampire. Whatever you decide to do I'll keep an eye out for more!
4/11 c10 1firstofhername
I loved this so much! Can’t wait for the next chapter, whenever that may be!
3/19 c9 midnight shadow of darkness
This is one of my favorite OC xEdward story. Lilly such a breath of fresh air and just plain beautiful inside and out. I love her relationship with her father and everyone around her. I'm glad Lilly and her mother act like mother and daughter with love and hash out arguments. She everything I wish Bella could be...don't get me wrong she is kind but she throws everything away-friendships and family relationships all when she fixated with Edward. Lilly on the other-hand is present, intuitive, and sweet to those around her. I love forward to her interactions with Edward and the rest of the Cullens. Also, thanks for adding to the story with Lilly and Renée history. Great story! I look forward to continue reading this gem!
3/1 c1 Guest
Yes Finally! A good twilight story!
1/27 c9 ChocoGummies
I am absolutely enthralled by lily and she makes me feel loved, so relatable to how awkward I am bumbling through conversations; as well as being heavier set, always a joy to see myself in a character
cant wait for more! thank you!
1/17 c7 1Jullls
update, update again as soon as you can please
1/16 c2 Jullls
Oh, I love how brave Lily was to ask about Edward, with Charlie and Esme, really, wonderful! And the part where she asks Charlie if she stinks was amazing, you're a brilliant author! Good job, congratulations!
1/16 c1 Jullls
Hi author, so your story is just brilliant! Lily is wonderful and witty, amazing how you wrote her personality similar to Renee's, so much better compared to Bella's, who to be honest, was, I don't know, raw, anyway... I loved your Lily, I think that maybe your story sticks to me because lily is adorable
1/9 c6 Lala
In regards to your note at the end, I think Twilight’s Forks High School does offer an elective hour. For Bella it would be the third one, which isn’t mentioned in the books. I believe after the Port Angeles trip it mentions Bella dreading fourth hour because that’s when Jessica was going to grill her about Edward. That would make Trig and Spanish her fourth and fifth hours. Though, Lily’s schedule is fine. Pretty sure the mandatory P.E. was another plot device Meyers used to highlight Bella’s clumsiness and add more dread to starting a new school. This is not something Lily needs. She’s great the way she is and choir suits her perfectly.
1/10 c7 Sparkle15
Thank you for updating a new chapter! I personally think keeping Jake as a younger brother/friend is better. He would help her see reason but would still support her without the whole love triangle. I hope their dads make up soon.
1/10 c7 cj
Please keep writing! Also can we pleaseeee have a face claim for Lily...pretty please? Ty!
1/6 c5 Sparkle15
Oh my, that boy is all over the place! So excited to read about their Seattle trip. Wonderful story! Lily is so relatable and has so much character. Love how you made her an artist, at least as a hobby. I wonder if Edward was the one that turned off her light and saw the sketches of himself? Can’t wait to read more!
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