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2/2/2022 c1 11IDontKnowYourSignal
Well, this had me intrigued (and smiling!) right from the start. A young Georg out on the prowl, meeting his match in the form of Maria, who refuses to be charmed into his bed.
Oh, I love those lyrics of Joni Mitchell’s! Songs are like tattoos that get under your skin, constant reminders of a point in time, words that won’t leave you, no matter how much you try to shake them. It’s so true. And the songs that really stick with us, are the ones we link to people, places, a time when things were better (or worse) - and those memories become the video to the song that haunts us. How apt that “Stille Nact” was intertwined with memories of Maria - Salzburg’s own carol, and one of my favourite carols.
Maria and Georg’s reunion the following Christmas at Josef’s was perfect! His gift of a shell was so simple, and yet filled with so much thought and care. I pictured him collecting it from a distant shore in the middle of a war zone and carefully bringing it back to Salzburg with him. And now she can hear the sea, and imagine the waves breaking on a beach. I was sighing with happiness.
Personally, I was hoping for a proposal at this point… but I smiled that they promised to meet at Josef’s the following year. So, looks like the marriage proposal will have to wait until next Christmas…
1/9/2022 c1 1Ninigi
This story is very well-written but what I loved most about it, is the fact that they met twice and that’s it. There are made plans for meeting in the future but it was realistic. They didn’t get married during the second meeting for instance.

Thank you for writing this. I do wonder - can we expect any new long story from you anytime soon? (Fingers crossed) All the best in the New Year!
1/1/2022 c1 33Lauryn Vi
This story hits the perfect note between wistful, sweetness, and hope. The way they find each other - both serendipitously and the way G hilariously shoos the cadet off his stool to make space for her - was perfect. Loved Maria’s boldness and the way she isn’t afraid to put him in his place. The way their story unfolded was just beautiful. Thank you for this gift!
1/1/2022 c1 7MeltIntoSpring
*Sigh* This was just a delight to read!

So beautiful and heartfelt, I felt like I was actually watching it rather than reading it. It was a lovely, original take on how they came to meet.

Thank you for treating us to a wonderful one-shot.
12/29/2021 c1 25What About Love
This was so beautiful!
12/29/2021 c1 36augiesannie
What a wonderful story! There are few plot lines I love more than a redeemed, formerly rakish Georg, who has learned about the value of true human connection, and having written more than a few of those myself, I salute you! You did a wonderful job building rich backstories over the course of the intervening year, too. The only thing is ... what happens next? Don't leave us hanging!
12/26/2021 c1 56his-red-head
Y'all... after reading this I lowkey want there to be a follow up of some sort. A great read! xx
12/26/2021 c1 10bloomandgrow
This was a wonderful, fresh way of re-telling Georg’s and Maria’s love story. I absolutely loved it. There is something so delicious about a woman being able to tame an incorrigible rake.
I loved the turn-around from Georg using anonymous sex to fill the emptiness and dissatisfaction inside himself, to finding that all he really needed to do was just talk to Maria to give some meaning back into his life. It was great to see him changing from a sailor with a girl in every port, to a man who can’t stop thinking of the one woman he met briefly on shore leave, knowing she is the One.

Their reunion a year later was adorable and put a big happy smile on my face. I love that you sprinkled so much Christmas magic into their story, with their reunions happening every Christmas Eve.
Stille Nacht/ Silent Night is such a beautiful hymn, and written by a Salzburg priest – so all the more appropriate for your story. Their gifts to each other were also lovely.

Thanks for this delightful luminous little story. I wish there was more.
12/25/2021 c1 mimipoppins
AAAAH So happy to see something new from you, bestie! And how wonderful was this, omg? I couldn't stop devouring each word of this from the very beginning despite being asleep last
night, that's something which doesn't always happens. I love, loooove the entire idea behind this new way they've meet each other and the similar yet slightly different backgrounds. Everything just works so well!

I love that he starts off wanting one single thing as soon as he lies his eyes upon her gorgeous self but just as they start talking all he can think of is simply being near her and when will he see again. And of course, the way she thinks about him as constantly as he does her is so soft i'm gonna pass out just thinking about the Yearning TM goshhh

Now, if you ever write more for this I'll be SO on board, but this works perfectly as a one-shot, too. I love this immensely and wish you a merry xmas! :)
12/24/2021 c1 Sara
This is written in such a lovely way and cleverly intertwined with songs based on the colour blue - very apt for both Georg and Maria. And I love the idea of Georg meeting Maria when he is a younger, ambitious, arrogant and rakish sailor, just making his way in the Navy ranks, not yet a Captain. So interesting! Maria still rocks his world though. Lol He only wants to enjoy a night in bed with her at first but then quickly realises she means more to him than just a one-night stand. My only gripe is that there isn’t another chapter to complete their love story :) I’d love to read more of this ;)
12/24/2021 c1 spacemooi
this was so heartwarming!
12/24/2021 c1 1reisova
Oh, my God is this the end?! Please don't leave us :) Really beautiful story, thank you!
12/24/2021 c1 15MsHope
I got so excited to see that you've posted! You already /know/ how much I love this fic, and that I'll love it enough for the both of us. I am a little incoherent whilst I (currently) listen to Joni Mitchell's Blue (thank you for getting me obsessed), so I hope this little deranged review will do.

This is such a fresh twist to the story - their first meeting is, as always, just so *charming* (thanks, Georg). The way they see through each other is just so beautiful - the way they talk to the other, interact, and make the other want to constantly be better. It's heartwarming and it brings so much tears to my eyes. They might've been miserable on Christmas Eve, but it's Christmas Eve in my part of the world and I am brimming with joy. Thank you so much for this little piece of art :)

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