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for The Aftermath Of Prague

6/16/2022 c1 Guest
So good! Possibly one of my favourite stories I’ve ever found. I love Spike and Dru and I think you’ve captured them perfectly here. I love all the little details like Spike going in and out of stroking her hair and how you kept bringing up the whole “scarred from Holy Water” bit, because that is definitely a possibility of what had happened to her.

I also love the addition of bringing in Drusilla’s sisters and her religious past. I’ve always imagined her sisters to be something that Dru never let go of, even in her vampire life. And the religious stuff was just such a huge part of her human life and memories and everything ingrained in her, it only makes sense that when she’s at her most panicked, this is the first thing she goes to.

I also love your voices for the characters.
Things like Hell being cold because Dru doesn’t like it or Spike’s moment of confusion during Dru’s little religious ramble really bring them to life.

Again, amazing story! Keep writing, you’re really good!

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