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5/20 c36 1elle.stone
This is one of my favourite stories on this site. Every now and then I feel the need to read this story. It still fills me with the same joy it did when I first read it.
5/19 c36 3louanne61
I loved this story. This edward was so sweet.
5/18 c36 Lyndseyxx
Love this story, thanks for sharing!
4/19 c36 13arthemys
Wonderful, romantic, angst-free story, I loved it ! Thanks!
2/5 c36 6gabimts13
Loved Emma Matthews so much I had to check something else from you! I loved this one, it was the sweetest thing ever! Read it giggling and blushing and thinking "I wanna love like this but also I'll never be loved (cries in single)". But, for real, what a hug to the soul was to read these two falling in love!
1/24 c36 Nuffel
Want you to know I stayed up till 3:30 am reading this story because I could not put it down. Had to stop bc my eyes were literally giving up on me. When I got out of work the next day I immediately dove back in and finished it. It was the perfect fic and exactly what I was looking for 3
1/20 c27 bonrin88
I'm starting to think that author has issue with Alice's character hahah. Both in Alaska and here she were a bitch, literally and figuratively. But I love love your characterizations of BE in all of your stories.
1/10 c36 RayBot
Well, this is just gorgeous.
1/6 c30 zopia

So, this review was going to be on chapter 29, but ffnet didn’t let me do it there, so…

I am reading this one again (it really became my comfy story, when I’m down, or overwhelmed, or bored or whatever, I come back here) and I have had noted it but never had the guts to ask: would you mind making an extra chapter just to tell however Alice hurt Bella when they were younger? Would be nice to see she and Edward talking about it, I do not know if prompted by their kids interacting or something else, but I am SO curious.

Thank you anyway for your wordsand I’m anxiously waiting for an update on your newest story. Happy new year! (may I say that yet?)
12/26/2023 c36 5Aislinn Massi
Thank you very much for creating such a beautiful atory! I enjoyed way to much every chapter even though english is not my native language, I loved seeing their transformation into love birds and everything! You are an amazing writer
12/21/2023 c35 4guineagoo
I love love love reading this every Christmas time. Thanks for sharing this story!
12/2/2023 c36 pixiekat7
This was an absolutely beautiful & brilliant story & I love every word of it! Thank you so very much.
9/24/2023 c36 2TwiTwiAgain
Thank you for sharing your writing talent!
9/16/2023 c35 TwiTwiAgain
What a fantastic ending. I love imagining the tattoo.
9/13/2023 c27 TwiTwiAgain
Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever read an obese Charlie and fat Jasper. You’re really made this your own story.
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