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for Maybe a Dance

1/3/2023 c36 musemum
Totally agree with your very clever hubbyit IS like a giant warm hug. So sad to be finished but so grateful to have read this gorgeous story
1/3/2023 c35 musemum
such special sentiment expressed by the tattoo...
1/3/2023 c35 musemum
lol Bella's commentscan I pee first", "is this our 27th..."
she's absolutely fabulous:)
1/3/2023 c33 musemum
oh, and... "take that" Angela!
1/3/2023 c33 musemum
my heart expanded even more with this chapter... looking forward to "seeing" the tattoo and also Bella's news
1/3/2023 c36 ms.tds
This was such a beautiful, sweet story to read. I love it. Thanks for sharing.
1/2/2023 c32 musemum
"the dance", extra special...I checked out a version onlineso very breathtaking. Love Jasper's "pregnant" comment... I don't want to end the story of this BellaEdward
1/2/2023 c36 3Evelyne-raconte
I had a real great time reading this lovely fiction of yours over the Chrismas and New Year holidays.
Thank you som uch for sharing.
I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year !
1/2/2023 c29 musemum
in the words of Ed Sheeran, this chapterEdward's proposal) is "perfect"
1/2/2023 c25 musemum
didn't see this cliffhanger coming
1/2/2023 c24 musemum
superb description of all the little things that make this story so swooney.
1/1/2023 c21 musemum
... yes, finally...(fist pump!)
1/1/2023 c20 musemum
this is too good... thanks for keeping Esme...
1/1/2023 c14 musemum
I'm reading with a constant smile on my face, with my heart flutteringswooning. I know the story will get difficult with Esme at some point but this connection between BellaEdward is so beautiful. I love how you've captured it... just amazing! I'm eagerly consuming each chapter
12/31/2022 c5 musemum
absolutely LOVING this story!
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