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12/26/2022 c11 Jillgrab
I’m starting over now that it’s finished and they are just so freaking cute! Ugh they are too sweet. I love it!
12/26/2022 c35 Patriciadiane
Sheer perfection of an ending
12/26/2022 c34 Patriciadiane
i will miss these two
12/26/2022 c33 Patriciadiane
Angela - what a piece of work.
12/26/2022 c32 Patriciadiane
Two filthy drs.
12/26/2022 c31 Patriciadiane
Loving how they talk to each other. Carlisle is so special.
12/26/2022 c30 Patriciadiane
Yep, these two are becoming two of my favorites
12/26/2022 c29 Patriciadiane
YES, their history together that they didn't even know about is so wonderful to read about
12/26/2022 c28 Patriciadiane
Love this Esme...Can't wait to meet Jasper
12/26/2022 c27 Patriciadiane
Alice needs to pay for being so judgemental and she is totally without regard for others.
12/26/2022 c26 Patriciadiane
Alice hs no consideration
12/26/2022 c25 Patriciadiane
love his last convo
12/26/2022 c24 Patriciadiane
What the heck?
12/26/2022 c23 Patriciadiane
Such honest conversation
12/26/2022 c22 Patriciadiane
A happy couple yeah
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