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12/13/2022 c36 Nellybean0710
wow I absolutely loved this story. It was written very well. but I also loved The characters in this story they weren't all the same like they always are I love the fact that Collins were not filthy rich people that just go out and splurge on a dumbest stuff. I loved everything about this story could not put it down.
12/12/2022 c36 Guest
Absolutely LOVED your story!

12/12/2022 c34 bluevolvic
Aww baby talk!

Edward’s blurt out XD she’s drinking tea so his first conclusion is that she’s pregnant hahaha! That because he can’t wait to start trying!

Slowly catching up to finish this one :D
12/12/2022 c33 Guest
Angela made a TOTAL fool of herself. It’s a such thing as gracefully bowing out. Smh
12/12/2022 c36 Liz
Just beautiful
12/11/2022 c29 Guest
Yes! (clapping) Yes! (clapping) Yes! (clapping)

I loved that Bella knew herself enough to know she wouldn’t like working in academia and if she did, it would be out of fear of not being offered a job in industry, which is what she wanted.

I also loved that Edward put all his cards on the table. He didn’t want to pretend to marry Bella anymore; he really wanted her to be his wife!

And… she said YES!

Loved this chapter!

12/11/2022 c27 Guest
I love the way you’re bringing out how “overweight” people are judged and mistreated. It’s sad but very true.

Even with Bella losing weight, her old size is brought up. It shows how rude and insensitive some individuals can be.

Hopefully, Alice will get her foolishness together before the end of the story. She could miss out on being with the love of her life being narrow-minded.

Oh yeah, I almost forget to mention how many incredibly immature Alice is. She shared something intimate that was not hers to share, with the world, to take focus off of her. That was plain selfish.

I don’t really care for Alice.

Looking forward to E & B’s getaway!

12/10/2022 c25 Guest
Glad to see Jake moved on.

I’m interested to find out more about Alice now.

And most definitely want to know more about Edward’s crush on Bella.

12/10/2022 c23 Guest
Yet another beautiful chapter.

The communication between E & B is awesome! He shared something very intimate with Bella and instead of her running for the hills, like some women would, they had an adult conversation. She didn’t think any less of him.

The other part I loved was when Bella asked about the cuddling. Which shows she wants the whole man and not just a part. Intercourse is awesome but cuddling and talking is an important part of a relationship too.

12/10/2022 c22 Guest

12/10/2022 c21 Guest
I’m still clapping because told each other.

This chapter was hot!

12/10/2022 c19 Guest
This one was emotional for me…

Great writing!

12/10/2022 c3 2LogladyJ
I’m so intrigued by the work happening at Imperial College London and by MAPS about psilocybin and depression. It’s really cool to see it crop up in a fic like this! I really hope that the research continues and the powers that be are willing to allow trials to see what medical uses it has.
Great fic btw! Already sucked right into this story. Thanks for sharing it. I’m having a tough time and this is very much a good distraction.
12/9/2022 c36 flyrbrd
Love it. Thanks
12/8/2022 c18 Guest
With each chapter I move closer to the edge of my seat. *clapping with excitement*

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