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for Maybe a Dance

12/4/2022 c36 MarielCullen
I can't believe this story is over! I'm gonna miss them so much. I'm so happy that they have their HEA and with a baby. They're gonna be amazing parents.
I'm sad that their competitions are gonna be on hiatus but they have more important things to focus now.
I totally read the nerdy parts because I'm a dance teacher and dancer in my country. We don't have Pro dancers in paper like you but we're totally fighting for our community.
Thanks for sharing this story with us!
12/3/2022 c36 1Kesme
loved the hell out of this fic, so rough trying to find new good completed twifics nowadays - perfect summary as well told us what was going to happen when some tropes but not trope overload, love to see it
12/2/2022 c36 jigglypuff
woww! i breezed through this in a few hours. Such a wonderful story...I couldn't keep it down. As someone who is on the path to pursue research as a career, this was extremely relatable. Thanks a lot.
12/2/2022 c11 Guest
This chapter was so GOOD!

I’m looking forward to them telling each other they want a REAL relationship. I’m wondering who is going to speak up first.

12/2/2022 c10 Guest
They tickle me when they go from shy to bold. Lol

Bella is falling in love with Edward…. is he falling in love with her?

Can’t wait to see how his parents and Alice react to them being together.

12/1/2022 c9 Guest
I’m noticing Edward is kissing Bella a lot more… and I don’t think it’s to get her use to it either. Lol he wants to kiss her and she’s enjoying it.

I’m enjoying watching this sweet love story unfold. They’re having some beautiful intimate moments together.

Great writing!

12/1/2022 c1 Ajfflady
Well, your first place win for fic of the month was well deserved. These two have been downloaded into my vault of twific.
This story was such a romantic escape. I also learned so much about British Columbia, thank you for your many descriptions of the location of the setting. I love the PNW and visit it often. It was refreshing to read a fanfic about a mature professional couple, who acted responsibly in public but in private were so enamored with each other and their experience with an all consuming
first love that they could not help themselves from expressing their love to each other with honesty and without angst and emotional manipulation. The serious tone of their careers played a great contrast to the wild passion they shared. Professorward was very precious, the descriptions you wrote of how he felt about Bella and how he expressed himself makes him one of the most romantic hero’s I’ve read in a long while. This is a lovely story I know I will reread many times. Bless you for adding such a passionate all consuming love story to the world. I loved every word of it. Happy Holidays and congratulations again.
12/1/2022 c36 adricastro
The most beautiful heartfelt journey! My heart is full!
12/1/2022 c7 Guest
It’s wild how much they understand or how in sync they are. The more E & B talk, the more they have in common or balance each other.

I’d love to know more of what’s going on in Edward’s head.

12/1/2022 c36 Zveka
great story thank you for sharing
11/30/2022 c6 Guest
I don’t want them to have a fake break up or any other break up. I’m hoping Edward will tell Bella that.
11/30/2022 c5 Guest
This was an intense conversation, although much needed.

I must admit I like the honesty of their conversation. Perhaps more conversations like this were had in the beginning of relationships, they may actually last longer or realize they’re not compatible.

His skin regimen is washing his face in the shower? HA!

11/29/2022 c4 Guest
They are soooo cute!

11/29/2022 c35 edwardfan111
To expand on my review. I cannot believe I missed this story being posted. Your writing is sublime. Alaska is one of my favourite stories ever, I’ve read it numerous times! Maybe a Dance will certainly be one I come back to again. Such a joy.
11/29/2022 c36 edwardfan111
This was fantastic! I love your writing so much but somehow I missed this story until the last few days. I’m so happy I found it, love that it’s based in Canada! The relationship between Edward and Bella is so well written and was an absolute pleasure to read. Your stories are very compelling and I thank you for sharing such a wonderful talent with us!
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