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11/29/2022 c36 DimmDimms
Thank you for your story. I loved every bit of it!
11/29/2022 c2 Guest
Meu Deus
Que capítulo maravilhoso. Estou tão feliz de ter encontrado essa história. Amo quando há tanto diálogo.
11/29/2022 c36 ashiana
Thank you for the amazing story! Always look forward to reading what you write xo
11/29/2022 c36 5WellHelloThereEdward
Aww thanks again. You are an amazing writer. A little bit of fluff, no angst. Just what I needed this week. Can’t wait to read your other writings xx
11/28/2022 c36 marigold123
These two! I really enjoyed reading your story…loved all the characters. Thank you for writing.
11/28/2022 c35 WellHelloThereEdward
Oh my goodness my heart melted. This is such an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing. Xx
11/28/2022 c35 marigold123
This story was so perfect. These imperfect beings finding each other and becoming. Loved the way you wrote these characters and told their story. Well written and descriptive. Lovely. Thank you for writing.
11/28/2022 c36 HappyEndingLover
Great story thank you for sharing!
11/28/2022 c36 FenixMJR
Ii absolutely loved your story, thank you for sharing
11/28/2022 c36 Shazzeer
Nawww, they made a little love potato ;).
That child will be the most loved little potato there ever was.
And they will have a cousin the same age as Alice and Jazz are expecting their second kid.

A little miffed that the wedding were skipped, but alas, can’t get everything ;)
11/28/2022 c35 Shazzeer
Good for Jasper to dump Alice. Alice has problems she needs to work on, and I wouldn’t enable her either ;). Hopefully it’s the kick Alice does need to seek help and therapy.

And the ring is fort both Bella and Edward, he has the right to give and she has the right to refuse ;).
The tattoo is the perfect symbol for them.
11/28/2022 c34 Shazzeer
Awww, they are discussing babies! And yeah, even if you are at a good place with someone, it doesn’t take the fear away.
Bella has her previous experience and it’s traumatic even though she made the right choice.
11/27/2022 c33 Shazzeer
Angela should’ve gotten slapped harder. It’s nothing wrong with being asexual, but it’s wrong to gaslight people and making them the demon and blaming all your problems on them like she did!.

And Bella is marked on Edwards heart, and Angela has no right to see it!
11/27/2022 c8 Trinaj925
I’m a PhD student now and I can’t explain how much this chapter made me feel seen! I’m already like Bella in that I’m so ready to run from academia. Thanks for bringing this to light
11/27/2022 c32 Shazzeer
Nawww, meeting Jasper went great! He already has a friend in Bella, Edward and Jazz will be great friends and swap stories about Bella ;).

Alice will hopefully realise that she does love Jazz, in her own way!

And a Sean would be very obvious, but it is Bella so… ;)
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