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11/22/2022 c21 7Mcc101180
Bella just planted the idea of how Edward can really propose to her—something they did together on their first few days/dates and weave it in there. So what could that be? Hmmm. OMG died at her talking about Norah Jones and her need to upgrade her toys since she can’t figure out why she doesn’t come. Lol. Loved how sync they are with one another. They’ve finally found their perfect partner, and it’s effortless to just trust and let the other lead, let yourself be led. It’s real! So happy that she was brave enough to ask if it was possible to fall in love in three days and he put her mind at ease by admitting without directly saying that he’s right there with her. And while he thinks he won’t be able to stop, and she doesn’t want him to stop, I’m wondering with where you left it whether someone will come to cockblock or whether he’ll get to live up to his promise. Great chapter. Thanks for sharing - Mel
11/22/2022 c20 Mcc101180
Ugh. Someone or something always has to interrupt them when they’re about to kiss for real, and not because they’re performing. Lol. How frustrating for them but man, does it make for some good UST. Loud chewing is one of those things that really grates my nerves. Not surprised once she was called out on it, Alice made it even more exaggerated. Oh that is wonderful and hopeful news for Esme. Edward definitely needs to pay attention to his dad making those pancakes so he has it down pat when he needs to make them for his bride. Loved the levity of the moments as they made breakfast, teased Carlisle, teased each other, and just basked in the joy of the good news. And the good news keeps on rolling in. Congrats to Professor Cullen. In addition to practicing dancing, now would be a good time for them to dip out and try to find a lock for that bedroom door. Lol. Thank you for sharing - Mel
11/22/2022 c36 13archy12
Yup, made my quota of sweet stuff for this week! :)
Lovely chapter, just what was needed to fill their cup pf joy to overflowing!
Any idea what your next story might be like? Serious? Drama? Suspense?
Whatever it is, I will be waiting for your words. :)
Take care!
11/22/2022 c36 1RedEyedBella
Such a funny and amazingly written story. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
11/21/2022 c36 diana2012
I really loved your story. Thank you for posting
11/21/2022 c36 carmenbethania
This experience has been so lovely!
11/21/2022 c19 7Mcc101180
Bella is certainly caught between a rock and a hard place with the wedding dress situation, isn’t she? Got choked up as Esme spoke to her, about how this is her one shot to do this with a daughter, how much it would mean to her to be able to. Oh man. I don’t do the crying thing, but this one got me in all the feels. Esme asking them to bump up their (fake) wedding so she could see them profess their love for one another, that gutted me. He so would marry her just to make his mom happy, but I don’t believe for a second that it would be a one-sided marriage. Loved how he teased her with the Happy New Year because she managed to forget she was no longer looking him in the eye. Esme and Edward’s heart-to-heart was so sweet. Angela certainly did a number on him. Glad he’s seeing it doesn’t have to be that way, that easy can be good. Full-on tears all the way there at the end. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing - Mel
11/21/2022 c36 flibbidyjibits
Love love love! Thank you so much for sharing this sweet story! I can’t wait to read the whole thing again.
11/21/2022 c18 Mcc101180
She’s too cute with her attempts not to look him in the eyes anymore. Also love how she went and put on his sweater—I bet he liked that quite a bit. And I am not shocked by his admission that he’s a patient man. Loved that Bella got a chance to catch up with Carlisle and Esme as they cleared out the garage, and when she admitted to needing to take the week off after her abortion, Esme reassured her that she was still a tough cookie. Oh wedding dress shopping makes perfect sense for what Esme would want to pick to do with her pseudo daughter/future daughter-in-law. Should be quite an interesting affair. Thank you for sharing - Mel
11/21/2022 c17 Mcc101180
Definitely a positive way to look at it—it’s hard to interview, so even if you end up not being selected, it can be good practice. Seriously, I think Carlisle is my favorite (secondary) character in this story. Nice save there, Bella, with the almost blurted ILY. They make the perfect team—she can order him all the girly drinks he wants and she’ll happily chug her beer beside him. Good on Edward telling his dad to chill out and that Bella is doing an awesome job given the circumstances and to just be there to support her. She’s lucky to have him. Out of his league … what is he thinking? He’s in a league all his own. Okay, that’s it, I want you to write nothing but Carlisle’s antics. He cracks me up [“No, I’m the best.”] Oh I love the idea of instead of presents doing an activity with the other person. The memories you create will last far longer than anything you can buy/make. Those rules definitely seem like they could have some hilarious outcomes. Oh Alice, I’m looking for something to redeem her a bit. I get where’s she coming from—as a child the thought of others getting gifts and you not would be a lot to take in. Bella saw it at the time—and I’d imagine even more now that her dad has passed—the value in spending time and cherishing the moments with your loved ones. Adored that the Cullens included the Swans in their traditions. Esme was too cute. Chuckled at Bella’s freakout and wishing the ground swallowed her whole once she discovered she was wearing his boxers. Holy Jesus. When he lay on top of her … thud. Love how comfortable they are with one another and how he always does his best to put her at ease. Thank you for sharing - Mel
11/21/2022 c16 Mcc101180
Having both of his parents hop so quickly on the baby train was funny. He was right not to mention there being time for babies in the future—it would have certainly brought the mood down. A mother’s intuition rarely fails her, so I appreciated the fact that Esme called out how different his mood is from when they last saw him, and how light he is now. He indeed is a keeper. Seriously, I think he’s going to kill me dead if he keeps saying lines like “I think it’s time for you to start dating men.” Because let me tell you, from where I’m sitting, he seems like all man. Oh he’s such a comedian with his line about overcooking his egg and making the toast just for him. He is a swoony guy. Carlisle is a hoot! Marking the date Edward became a real-live boy, a fully grown-up man on the calendar. Loved how the chapter title tied in—it does say a lot that he’s willing to share with Bella and no one else. And again, Carlisle for the win with the quip about Voldemort recruiting Angela. Such a lovely and sweet chapter. Thanks for sharing – Mel (845)
11/21/2022 c15 Mcc101180
Was that shower number 4 or 5 … or 10? Lol. Was wondering what the wetness came from, but it seems like he awoke, maybe worked out, and then showered and got back in bed with the wet hair. Curious to see what the ribbon thing about—is it a way to do a secret Santa of sorts? Also, yes, a lock on the door would seem prudent now that both of his parents have entered the room—one unannounced and the other with just the briefest of knocks. Gotta love her flexibility. Unless you’re Edward and now need yet another shower to jerk off and relieve some tension. Loved this bit “Bella felt like she was experiencing the slowest foreplay in the universe, maddening, exhilarating, setting her on fire.” The attention Bella gave to his tattoos and the story behind them must have thrilled Edward. And again, Angela just sounds wretched. Oh darn that ringing phone. Was he going to tell her that she’s nothing like Angela, and that he has no need for a next girlfriend because she’s it for him? My nerdy heart is rejoicing again with this chapter—I have a degree in Health Information Management and we studied a lot of HIT, and I learned R in my Analytics and Managerial Decision Making courses. Familiar with SAS, but like Bella not CDISC. Loved that he gave her a crash course in the things she’d likely need to know, that he made her breathe, that he gave her a pep talk, but most of all that he believes in her. She needed someone to talk her down from that ledge and he was the perfect man for the job. Thank you for sharing -Mel
11/21/2022 c14 Mcc101180
Isn’t that the beauty of people—they can be multi-faceted. He can be stern and serious Mr. Cullen and sweet and flirty Edward, dependent on what the situation calls for, or who his company is. His telling her that it had to be her that did this with him made me think of it was her all along; they just weren’t at a point where recognizing it would have made sense before now. She was just a kid when he went off to college. They needed to grow into the people they are now, all the while maintaining those foundational moments, to get to this point where it just makes sense. If all that Alice said is considered “progress,” I’m not sure I want a peek at how she was ten years prior. Loved how caring and concerned he was when he learned that she would likely be homeless soon if she couldn’t find employment. I’m sure his bed is big enough for the two of them to share though. Lol. Was he going to say they’d have to wait to break up until Esme passed anyway? What a sad thought to have. What an adorable story about five-year-old Edward being the one to soothe Bella and get her to sleep. He had the magic touch even back then! The fact that the trade-off was unlimited cartoons, which Charlie readily agreed to, made me smile. Oh, Mr. Cullen, do share these ways to wake up your lovely future wife. Oh my! What a way to find her. She really can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, can’t she? Loved that they both feel the chemistry between them but are holding back on acting on it—adds to all the delicious tension that is mounting. Something tells me Edward doesn’t seem himself quite clearly—out of her league? Pssh. Assuming that you pay for water in Chilliwack, I can imagine Carlisle examining the bill after their visit and wondering why it’s so high, what with all these showers Edward is being forced to take. Lol. What a wonderful chapter. Thank you for sharing – Mel
11/21/2022 c36 Guest
So thats it? Their relationship is based on a lie. They never tell their family the truth?

Sorry if that happened in the epilogue I got too bored to read it. It seems the story was dragged on for no reason. The last 5 chapters had no point.

Started off well and ended badly
11/21/2022 c36 mujisan
I don't have the words to describe how much I have enjoyed this story. It could keep going on and on and I would not mind one bit. Thank you for your wonderful words and for sharing it with us. Snugglefic is an official genre now and I hope there will be more like it. I suspect I'll be revisiting this story from time to time when I need some comfort. I look forward to your next story.
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