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3/17/2023 c8 JR
I have a question to you, Sir. Are you writing about your own personal experience? Your story was intellectually written. I even came across a few vocabulary / words that seldom read.
Thank you for this different c kind of story. Sorry if my language didn’t describe you well. I am not very literate you.
3/12/2023 c10 lrhjan05
He would’ve had to wake me up. I don’t see how she let him get away with that comment and was still standing. I would’ve left the shirt off the next night on purpose. Lmbo

Anyway, thanks for sharing your words. Anything for a favorite author! Until next time!
3/12/2023 c7 lrhjan05
Yeah and she fell in love this chapter. Ain’t nothing like somebody like having somebody listen to understand, and then actually offer good advice. I’m just gonna start looking for men named Edward and see if it works. Lmbo
3/12/2023 c6 lrhjan05
He fell in love with her during this chapter. Lol that leg lift and splits will do it every time.
3/12/2023 c5 lrhjan05
When I first read this I was always nervous Angela was gonna come back and mess up their timeline and their fake engagement story by telling his family she and Edward were engaged and that she visited. It’s crazy how most of the stories I read, Angela is the ex that lost out on good guy Edward, and the other stories have a Lauren and Tanya that “have” the Edward that can’t be tamed.
3/12/2023 c2 lrhjan05
Can you imagine yo fine af professor answering a video call in his black underwear, his tattoos are visible, AND he’s working out? Whew

Ooh can you do a firefighter Edward next? Lmbo ignore me
3/6/2023 c36 6Stazwrites
That was so beautiful to read. The way you wrote Bella and Edward, their chemistryit just made sense. Their banter, communication.. it made perfect sense that they fell for each other so fast and also raised questions as to why they didn't fall for each other much sooner...when they were kids.

Thank you for sharing the story. I really enjoyed it.
3/1/2023 c36 lrhjan05
I loved this story. Intelligent, witty banter always gets me. I kind of wish Bella would’ve gotten her lick back with Angela, but finding out your ex fiancé changed his name, got a tattoo for his new fiancé, and they’re having all of this sex- everywhere is better than a slap any day. lol I loved Jasper in this story. I was scared for the Carlisle chapter cuz I wondered what he was hiding but thankfully, it was just infinite wisdom. Lol this was a ride, and I enjoyed it.

I can go read 30 books from the library or kindle, and nothing will intrigue me like some of the writers on here. It’s like 3 of y’all, that I know of, that still update on this website that can write y’all butts off and you’re one of them. Thanks for sharing. I don’t know how I didn’t have you on author alert but it’s def fixed now. Had to be a website error or crash or something.
2/28/2023 c31 lrhjan05
When I first read Umbridge tea, I thought to myself, nah that’s not what I think it means, then you kept it going with dementors kiss and lockhart’s hair and I laughed out loud. That was hilarious. Whew the build up to Angela is intense, I hope everybody gets front row tickets to see the explosion lol
2/28/2023 c27 lrhjan05
Man he was so spot on calling her out. Whew, their emotional maturity is astounding and their communication skills. But to tell his sister, she’s either jealous, stupid, or an asshole and that she was tryna deflect attention from her pregnancy and steal their thunder, all at the same time? I’m gonna have to reread this chapter cuz I loved how he handled that.
2/28/2023 c26 lrhjan05
I FLOVE them! But it’s almost like I’m waiting on something to happen and I’m so nervous. Omg but it’s so good. I love their chemistry
2/28/2023 c11 lrhjan05
I just keep smiling while I’m reading. This is wonderful.
2/28/2023 c9 lrhjan05
I always love your main guys. I apparently didn’t have you on author alert and I’m behind, but I’m rectifying that to-day! Can’t wait to catch up!
2/27/2023 c2 pipelynn
Loving this!
2/27/2023 c36 hellishrose
Just stumbled upon this story and wow. Your writing style is so beautiful and intense. Thank you for your dedication all around
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