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2/27/2023 c29 zopia
Hey! I’ve been rereading this one (as I am wont to do from time to time) and here in this chapter there ir something that I think was never told: how did Alice hurt Bella in the past? I would love to read this story, either in a flashback oras I would rather bein todayish times, Bella talking to Edward or to Alice herself.

Hope you are well! And see you on Scheduled for Friday!
2/20/2023 c36 ChristyWIX
Ellie was cute. Her calling Bella Bee was adorable. Poor little thing didn’t recognize her uncle because he was in the process of stripping his hair to natural. Hopefully, she will rebound and see it is really him. I was surprised Alice and Jasper were actually an item. I’m glad she worked through her stuff enough for Jasper to accept her back. I love he warned her strike three and she’s out though. Seems to be going rather well if they are expecting another baby. I think Esme will be over the moon when Edward and Bella share their news with them. I hope they find a two bedroom to move into, not just a one. They may be there in the new place longer then they hope with now expensive it is to live there. I had to giggle when Edward thought the little potato on the card was a trophy. Poor man. At least she set him straight. I like how happy you’ve left them. Since you mentioned it in you top author note how you do not normally do epilogues, this fan truly appreciates you gave us one here. Serously, thank you. I love an epilogue. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us here. ~ChristyWIX
2/20/2023 c35 ChristyWIX
I have to say, I agree with being happy Jasper broke it off with Alice. Good for him. I think she will, hopefully, get her shit together now. She truly needs to, if anything, for the baby she bringing into the world. If her and Jasper get together later down the line, once she’s gotten the help she needs, then good for them. I am thrilled Bella got her job. It is in her field too, yay! Not only what she majored in, but her minor too, I believe. I looked up the median home price for Vancouver and it seems it it just a hair less than here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Seems it exploded up there, much like it did here, sadly. Maybe be these two will win the lottery or something. I had no idea where he was going with getting her back up on the bar again. Had to giggle when she said they were getting engaged for the twenty seventh time. Giggled again typing it. These two make me smile. The ring sounds gorgeous. I have to agree with his argument on why they should keep it. Goodness, the tattoo. Whoowee, way to hit the feels with it. I would love to see it somehow. I can picture it and it seems wonderful. Mahana must’ve seen the love in his eyes when he said what he wanted. Her design from what he said is a true testament to her artistry. I’m sad this is over with the next chapter, yet so glad to have read this beautiful piece.
2/20/2023 c34 ChristyWIX
The dinner with the other couple and their child, was so fun. All the discussions in their fields. Bella playing with their son. Her giving him a haircut. The way the family was when they arrived. Promises of doing it again. What a fun evening. I’m so glad these two discuss things the way they do. Talking through the possibility of getting pregnant in the future is needed at this junction of their relationship. If she doesn’t want children, and he does, there is no reason to get married. Same in reverse. Smart discussions. She never got around to telling him if she got a job or not. Either way, she had a surprise for him and didn’t reveal it.
2/20/2023 c33 ChristyWIX
Loved the students talking about the Professor and Ms. Swan right in front of her. Not knowing the whole time she was there. Marvelous. I really liked how the guy defended her quite well. He knew the facts and it was good. Though it does make you wonder how many students think she was graded by him and she may have had preferential treatment. I did like how one of the females said he never took private meetings. He always made sure to have others in the room, or met in public places. I’m thinking he did this to protect himself from whatever he saw happen in Yale. He’s alluded to something, but never clarified anything. I just know it didn’t happen to him. Angela proved to be just as bad as expected. Petty or not, Bella’s response to her spewing lies was awesome. She even knew she was taking it too far and couldn’t stop herself. I am proud of her for standing up for her man. Setting his ex straight and letting her know they are blissfully happy in the sex department. Angela must’ve been there to try to get Edward back. Since he is a professor now, she’s what, willing to put up with him again? I really loved how he said even if Bella left him tomorrow he wouldn’t have gotten back together with her. Bummer she poked him and ruined what would’ve been a surprise for Bella. Though I get why it was done this way. It was one more way to show her he was really truly in love with Bella. The Professor Cullen Swan and the tattoo finalized it for her and she did not like it. Tough. I didn’t like her slapping Bella. Unnecessary. Though I am quite glad Laura stood up for Bella and slapped Angela right back. Loved Laura's threats too. She’s a really good friend to have. Let's get a can of soda on Bella's cheek, okay.
2/20/2023 c32 ChristyWIX
I very much loved your Jasper. He is funny, intelligent, kind and curious. I’m thinking he’s pretty good looking too. Unless he is five foot eight, or has a slight frame, three hundred ten pounds is not on heavy. My husband is two fifteen at six foot two and is thin. He’s got very broad shoulders and no fat on him. If Jasper is over six feet, he’s just a large man, not a fat man. Especially with his comment of his thin legs and large wing span. I wondered if it is in his head more so than others perception of him. However, the Cullens seemed to think he was heavy. So perhaps he is short, who knows. I’m so happy Esme liked the dance Edward and Bella prepared for her. I really liked Jasper’s comment on how they looked as though they’ve dance together forever. Hopefully, Jasper is around for the long haul. I know he’d like to be. Alice needs therapy and to give him a shot. I had a feeling Edward would want to get his heart spot filled with something Bella. I’ve no idea what he’s thinking of getting, but I look forward to the reveal.
2/19/2023 c31 ChristyWIX
Birthday Blowie for the win! Poor guy didn’t last. He'll get there again stamina wise. Especially the way these two are going, I’ll be in no time at all. What in the heck is moose milk? I am not a fan of the Cullen-Swan hyphenating. If they went with only her name, they are still not guaranteed they’d have boys. My brother and his wife were only able to have my niece, so the name ends when she marries, as she already said she’d want to take her husband's. She hasn’t met him yet, as she is only twenty, but when she does, she will take his name. So, even if they kept Swan, it could go away after this generation anyway. The question she needs to ask herself is, I f Charlie were alive, would she be making the same decision? Anyhoozle, not my story so, I get no say in the names you choose for your peeps. Speaking of names, lol. All the nicknames Carlisle had for Angela were so funny. Pleas tell me he called her those to her face. Laughing here.
2/19/2023 c30 ChristyWIX
What is PWP? I am not sure I’ve seen it before in fic. I think I was saying Vanessa back a few chapters ago, and I bet I threw you off with it. Everything I said, I meant Angela. Or, Angie, as Bella called her here in this chapter. You must’ve been wondering if I’d lost my mind, eek. Really liked the fear part. Bella, at four years old, decides she’s just going to walk home instead of back into the store where she left Edward and Alice to help the woman with her torn bag. This cabin seemed quite romantic. I kept laughing each time Bella said she was going to become best friends with owners. Or when she said she was keeping them in the divorce. Too funny. I don’t think thi was 9K of nothing. It was wonderful and I enjoyed them getting closer and discovering more things together. Her strength is reall bringing out his. It is at least trying to come out of him. He may benefit from a wee bit of therapy.
2/19/2023 c29 ChristyWIX
I have known a few December birthday peeps who celebrate on the same day, just in June instead. Thought it was a really cool thing to do, celebrate the half birthday away from the holidays. The passing back and forth of the car between Charlie and Edward was such an interesting segment in this chapter. I really, really loved this part. What an wonderful bond the two of them started, and at such a young age for Edward. It grew as they got older into an amazing bond. Edward leaving the car with Charlie, hoping a little boy will find it, made me teary. How Edward grabbed it out of the place he had it and amoked up the day he found out Charlie passed, was perfect. Great way to say goodbye. I know Charlie would be thrilled these two found each other. I am so proud of Bella for the job offer. Even more proud of her impassioned speech on her reasoning behind her choice to turn it down. All of it makes such sense to me. Speaking of speeches, goodness. Edward’s heartfelt proposal and the reason why it isn’t too soon, whoowee, my heart. He really laid it out there and it was magnificent. Gosh I love your writing. Off to make dinner and let my eyes stop leaking from all the feels in this chapter. All good.
2/19/2023 c28 ChristyWIX
I’m so glad Edward decided to show them his tattoos. I guess I can see Esme’s reason about tats, though it is odd. I’m glad it was clarified she had a friend who had tats and she overdosed. I suppose in her mind the two are linked and anyone who has them must be doing drugs. I have never done any drugs and I have four with plans for more. Most people have them now. I rather liked Carlisle’s fascination with Edward’s. I got the distinct feeling he may have one or two himself if Esme wasn’t so opposed to them. Kind of bummed we missed the whole Jasper conversation, but I think Edward will definitely fill Bella in, and we will learn what happened. Esme scheming all these years. It was unexpected and quite amusing. I can see her reasoning behind it all. The family all coming up with punishments for it was funny.
2/19/2023 c27 ChristyWIX
I agree with Bella in how Alice needs therapy. She had zero remorse for posting. None. Her apology felt wholly false, only doing it because they wanted her to, not meaning it at all. I don’t like her at all. She’s shallow and dangerously impulsive. I’m truly surprised she hasn’t gotten in a lot more trouble then just a unplanned pregnancy. Then we get to add in how she likes Jasper enough, but she’s so damn shallow, she is ashamed of him. Poor Jasper is putting up with it because he thinks he has to. Now the poor guy is stuck with her because she is pregnant. Though he’s so nice, he definitely doesn’t consider it stuck. I do hope Alice grows the hell up. Of all the things I accused Alice of doing with her post in my last chapter review, I hadn’t thought about how she robbed them of their engagement announcement. So much damage they’ve had to jump through hoops to fix and she still show zero remorse. UGH.
2/19/2023 c26 ChristyWIX
Yes, they were practicing where anyone in the home could come across them. However, for Alice to record them and put it out for all to see, especially captioned the way she did to his professional account, was wildly inappropriate. She could’ve gotten Edward fired and Bella's doctorate taken away until it was investigated. She has no thoughts in her immature head. I cannot believe she did this to them. The fact it worked out okay will only have her thinking it is okay for her to do this. If his mom sees it, which she very well might, the tattoos are exposed to her and the surprise of they dance is ruined as well. Alice messed with them personally and professionally. I don’t much care for her right now. She needs to grow up. Thank goodness Edward had the wherewithal to have Professor Albrecht grading all of her papers. Though it matter little in the eyes of the student body and other staff members who do not know he didn’t grade her. Alice, what have you done?
2/19/2023 c25 ChristyWIX
I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to read the name Payton for Jacob’s girlfriend. It sucks Jacob didn’t at least call Bella when his father passed. Yes, they are not together anymore. Yes, she most likely wouldn’t have been able to attend the services. However, he was a big part of her life growing up and her father’s best friend. Im glad she is going to see him at the cemetery. I'm quite relieved Alice came back in with accusations flying so her secret was no more. I have a feeling Alice and Bella will be very friendly because they will be family, but I don’t think they fit as friends anymore. Which does happen with childhood friends sometimes. Alice just seems to be much less mature then Bella is. Quick to be snippy and rude. Not to mention the fat comments earlier in the story. I love how much Bella loves Edward in his element. Watching him on the calls and loving it. I had a lot of fun reading Laurent. He’s a hoot.
2/19/2023 c24 ChristyWIX
My husband started going grey at eleven. When I met him he was twenty one and salt and pepper in color. Only slightly salty. He is now mostly white, he calls it chrome, because he’s a car guy. Because of this, I can picture your Edward grayish white easily. I loved Bella finally getting to give him a blowie. She’s been trying and he’s been more aimed for her pleasure. She finally caught him, yay! I hope Alice admits to her parents sooner rather than later it is her pregnancy test. It isn’t fair to Bella and Edward to fake she is pregnant right now. Poor Bella won’t be able to drink if she wants to. Not to mention how excited Esme is right now and it is for the wrong daughter. I don’t like it. Left turn, no blinker with Jake entering the picture here. I hope he didn’t pick up Edward’s scraps and he is with Vanessa. It would be really too small town weird since Vanessa isn’t from where Edward, Bella and Jake grew up. Not to mention Vanessa is a bitch and who knows what lies she’s told Jake if they are together about Edward. Nope, please don’t.
2/19/2023 c23 ChristyWIX
I have the most ridiculous urge to want to crawl through the iPad and bitch slap Vanessa. What an evil bitch to do this to Edward. I’m so beyond relieved Bella was able to figure it out for him. Pointing out what Vanessa had done and where it was most likely her, not him, who wasn’t present. I think Bella is absolutely correct in Edward being gaslit by Vanessa. If he has to go back on the drugs, he and Bella will be absolutely fine in the bedroom. He admitted he still wanted it at least once a week. He also said he’d be very willing to give her what she needs, even if he has no desire at the time. Their conversation was spectacular. I loved how you dropped their ILYs in there. Well placed and fun. Then repeated often as they kept talking. Very good chapter.
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