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2/19/2023 c22 ChristyWIX
Dirty talking Edward gets me every single time. Why is he so hot when he’s spouting off all the dirty things? Good grief. I really like how real it is with him. Him not even making it through going down on her. Surprised he admitted it. Admire him for doing so. I believe it made her fall a bit more in love with him for admitting it. Honesty is only going to help them both. I have absolute faith he will overcome what the SSRIs did to him and he will gain back his stamina with her. I know he will because these two are going to be going at one another like rabbits after being partnerless for a long while. Very hot and sexy chapter. Loved the bits of fun and funny you popped in there as well.
2/18/2023 c21 ChristyWIX
Ooh, meanie. Cut it off when it was getting to the schmexy part. Tsk-tsk. These two and their dancing gets hotter each time you put them to music. Did you have dances picked for your readers to look at while reading this? If yes, do tell and I will gladly go check them ou, please. Esme and Carlisle were so happy for their son and him getting professor. Loved reading how happy they were. Emmett proposed, yay! I think Edward will, for real, before they head back to Vancouver. I would love if he did. They could have the summer wedding too. I cannot explain how much I am enjoying this.
2/18/2023 c20 ChristyWIX
I swear I am NOT looking ahead, as it only cheats me out of the whole story. I had just hoped in my last review for a clinical trial to cure her miraculously. Your way is a whole bunch better. Esme is going to be okay! The second opinion was the winner, whew. So freaking happy she will be okay. I wonder which part of Edward’s words from the evening before Esme wanted to tell Bella. I hope he tells her himself. Worcestershire is easiest if you say it the way the city is pronounced, wooster and then add shire. This is how I finally was able to wrap my own tongue around it in my teens. How freaking cute was Edward with wanting Bella to sit on his lap for pancakes? So freaking cute. I am beyond thrilled for Edward becoming a professor. One on tenure track as well! Woo-Hoo! For some reason, I thought he already was one in this. Didn’t stop me from being elated for him in this chapter though. Really great news financially. Hopefully, his being with Bella will have no impact whatsoever on him keeping it. They really didn’t start this relationship until three days earlier, but they’ve been telling the story as starting back in March. So happy for Esme. Also Edward. Definitely a day of good news.
2/18/2023 c19 ChristyWIX
Just when I mention it in my last review thinking it wasn’t going to happen, Esme asks Bella to consider the wedding for this winter. Oh boy. The reader knows these two are playing for real now and they really do love each other. They themselves do not. Really looking forward to how you get them knowing what we already know. And for them both to realize it is real and not for Esme’s benefit. A combined ninety two thousand in student loan debt is a lot, but I’ve seen much worse, sadly. Maybe if they buy a home, they could combine this with the mortgage and have just one payment per month. Is Edward’s so high because the asshat wouldn’t let him graduate? If it is, wouldn’t he have a grievance suit towards the Yale for allowing this hack keep teaching and costing him thousands more than it should have? I really liked the wedding dress shopping idea. Even if they don’t get married. Who am I kidding, of course they will, pfft. Esme's words here on marriage wrung absolutely true. She (you) couldn’t have said it any better. Hubs and I always look at one another with knowing smiles when people say marriage is hard. It has never been hard for us, thankfully. We've had one fight in thirty three years about six years ago. It was not a big one and neither of us can remember what it was over. As they say, communication is key. It would be lovely if you not only find a miracle trial drug for Esme but, it works too. I really think you’re going to make my eyes leak if you don’t. Yikes.
2/18/2023 c18 ChristyWIX
A part of me really liked Bella’s mortification in realizing she fell asleep completely naked. Only because it was so cute how she wanted a hole to open for her to fall into. Edward lying on top of her was delicious. I think he should’ve stayed put when he got aroused. He needs to let her know she has this effect on him. I think she’d be thrilled. Her seeing him in work mode and starting to get aroused watching him in his element. Seeing what life may be for them if they took this past the proposed expiration. It did cross my mind earlier in the story and wonder if Esme would want to see them married before she gets too sick to enjoy it. It was when the family was so thrilled they were together. I can see Bella agreeing to go wedding dress shopping with her. To give her this would be lovely..
2/18/2023 c17 ChristyWIX
Very fun tradition of the ribbons. The Oklahoma part was funny. I could picture it, especially them all laughing at the production. It is kind of bad how nobody wanted Alice's name. She must be very hard to please. After meeting her, it did seem she could be rough at times. I do think it was really cute how they all wanted Esme. Also fun how she got so excited it was Bella who has her. Wherever Bella gets her job, I do hope it is near where her and Edward are currently living. I’m glad Carlisle got to see first hand how difficult it is to get hired right out of college. At least it is rather clear why there is a lot of young adults moving back home right after graduation. I do not blame them at all. I chose trade school and did four hours a night, four nights a week, for four months. Got a degree and was placed in a position. Worked for twenty seven years in the career until covid took it away. I could go back, as they called me three times when I finally told them I’d let them know when I was ready. I had not realized how very stressed I was while working, until six weeks into lockdown when the stress finally went away. Not sure if I want to jump back into the stress again. Eek.
2/18/2023 c16 ChristyWIX
Yes, perhaps if more women talked about having an abortion it wouldn’t be so stigmatized. Then again, something so inherently personal shouldn’t have to be for women to get the health care the more than deserve. *steps off soapbox* Cute about Edward not normally sharing food. He has shared the whole time he and Bella have been doing this without her even knowing this. Another reason they belong together, as he doesn’t mind her sneaking bites from him. I kind of wish Edward would’ve pulled off his sweater to be washed just so his parents could see his tats. Only so he wouldn’t have to hide this big part of himself from them any longer. It would be quite freeing. Last chapter you mentioned nothing was happening in the chapter. I happen to love stories where the characters have nothing happening. Think about how many days in our life have nothing happen. It is only realistic for it to happen in stories as well.
2/18/2023 c15 ChristyWIX
Two more showers? This man could not live here in California without the water police coming after him, lmao. No, we don’t really have water police, but we do get fined if we go way over our allotment. Emphasis on way. I really wish he wouldn’t have been interrupted by her alarm, as he was about to say something. I believe he was going to tell her it stopped being fake with him and he’d like nothing more then to make it real. Pretty please? He was great at calming her way down before the interview. She wasn’t nearly as frazzled as she first was after his calming and talking to her. It was lovely.
2/18/2023 c14 ChristyWIX
What a cute story about how Edward held Bella and she fell right asleep. Funny how Charlie was okay with Edward sitting there for hours watching cartoons as long as Bella was sleeping. Parents will sometimes do anything tho get their kid to settle. I loved how Esme took a photo of her passed out on Edward. It would be a cute set of photos to have them both framed and hung next to each other. Ages five and zero next to thirty one and twenty six. Wait the age may be wrong on what they are now, but you get the idea. Very kind of him to say she can live with him. I’m thinking she won’t be on the couch by then though. He doesn’t need to take a shower each time he needs a release. He could just go into the bathroom and not shower. His room is soundproofed, but the pipes are not. His parents must be wondering what the heck is happening, lol.
2/18/2023 c13 ChristyWIX
Meet the connections could have been an apt title for this one too. The connections she made in her thesis were remarkable. I can actually see how those two would easily connect. This really should be taught to doctors. The connection Esme and Bella made the day they both lost their fathers. Only people who’ve lost their dads really understand. Lost mine when I was twenty, he was so young at forty-six. Bella has the knowledge her father actually knew the man she will end up marrying. He didn’t know it when he died, but she can have some peace in it. Esme’s father definitely knew Carlisle, of course. It is one of mine and my brother’s forever unfulfilled wishes, for him to have met our spouses and my niece. I digress. The connection they figured out with he kitchen fix. How Carlisle finally had his answer on the tile and knob. The connection of Bella figuring out why she got scurvy and felt awful for it. And the connection of Edward’s agreement to help out, the pot and the ability to drive Charlie’s car. Salt. Salt goes on kitchen fires. Loved the ending of the chapter with Bella and Alice sliding down the hallway. Edward hanging Bella again. Then throwing her over his shoulder. Too cute. Speaking of Alice, how is she the same age as Bella and so immature? A full grown adult should ave a lot better control of their mouth spurting out what they’re thinking. She’s pretty awful in her throwing 'fat' around. It is disturbing she thinks fat people do not deserve to be loved. Good grief.
2/18/2023 c12 ChristyWIX
I really loved the whole conversation of how Edward didn’t recognize her until a month into teaching. Her reason for not really participating in class the first month was interesting. How he realized it was her from the subject matter in the class discussion and her scar. Fascinating. Them making up most, but interjecting actual events, made how they met again and starting dating all more believable. These two have fallen in love with the other even though they’ve no idea. She knows she has, as we’ve been in her head. I believe he has as well. I can honestly say you can fall in love in three days. I asked my husband out to the movies, he agreed. At the end of the night, he asked me out for the next night and I agreed. During our second date, we made plans for the next night. We fell in love in three dates in as many days and we knew we’d found forever love. Next month, 21MAR, is the thirty-third anniversary of our first date. Yes, you can definitely fall in love in three days.
2/18/2023 c13 solidae26
I am rereading this lovely story whilst pining for you WIP, and I feel I must askWhat type of cookies was Bella trying to make that would cause a grease fire? lol jk i kid I kid!
2/18/2023 c11 ChristyWIX
Just when I thought they couldn’t get any snugglier, you pop them by a lake, sharing ear buds and sway-dancing in the freaking snow. My heart was all a flutter. These two are so fun to read. I loved the reaction from the family. All of them didn’t notice who Bella was until she either spoke, or had to remind them she already knew them. Quite the transformation from teen to woman, combined with her weight loss, she’s a changed person in their eyes. So very accepting and welcoming towards her. Love it.
2/17/2023 c10 ChristyWIX
The face massage with her straddling him to get it done was so yummy. I love how they can speak to one another on an intelligent level and understand what the other is talking about. It connects them on a whole different level and I like it. Her waking up to him full on working out with his tats exposed would’ve done me in. Not sure how she kept her hands off him. His teasing her when he was heading to take his shower with those very hot words, oh my. Then their first kiss was so good. Their second kiss was scorching hot. These two are delicious together and they think they are still pretending, pfft. Thank you for creating them.
2/17/2023 c9 ChristyWIX
I think it’s sweet Edward wants to learn this intimate dance with Bella for Esme. Based on what the readers have learned with how much Esme enjoys dance she will absolutely love it. Her cutting his hair was very intimate and kind of sexy. I freaking loved it. From his reactions during the cutting, he loved her cutting it too. Then he saw it and really loved it. Enjoyed the chapter.
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