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2/18/2023 c12 ChristyWIX
I really loved the whole conversation of how Edward didn’t recognize her until a month into teaching. Her reason for not really participating in class the first month was interesting. How he realized it was her from the subject matter in the class discussion and her scar. Fascinating. Them making up most, but interjecting actual events, made how they met again and starting dating all more believable. These two have fallen in love with the other even though they’ve no idea. She knows she has, as we’ve been in her head. I believe he has as well. I can honestly say you can fall in love in three days. I asked my husband out to the movies, he agreed. At the end of the night, he asked me out for the next night and I agreed. During our second date, we made plans for the next night. We fell in love in three dates in as many days and we knew we’d found forever love. Next month, 21MAR, is the thirty-third anniversary of our first date. Yes, you can definitely fall in love in three days.
2/18/2023 c13 solidae26
I am rereading this lovely story whilst pining for you WIP, and I feel I must askWhat type of cookies was Bella trying to make that would cause a grease fire? lol jk i kid I kid!
2/18/2023 c11 ChristyWIX
Just when I thought they couldn’t get any snugglier, you pop them by a lake, sharing ear buds and sway-dancing in the freaking snow. My heart was all a flutter. These two are so fun to read. I loved the reaction from the family. All of them didn’t notice who Bella was until she either spoke, or had to remind them she already knew them. Quite the transformation from teen to woman, combined with her weight loss, she’s a changed person in their eyes. So very accepting and welcoming towards her. Love it.
2/17/2023 c10 ChristyWIX
The face massage with her straddling him to get it done was so yummy. I love how they can speak to one another on an intelligent level and understand what the other is talking about. It connects them on a whole different level and I like it. Her waking up to him full on working out with his tats exposed would’ve done me in. Not sure how she kept her hands off him. His teasing her when he was heading to take his shower with those very hot words, oh my. Then their first kiss was so good. Their second kiss was scorching hot. These two are delicious together and they think they are still pretending, pfft. Thank you for creating them.
2/17/2023 c9 ChristyWIX
I think it’s sweet Edward wants to learn this intimate dance with Bella for Esme. Based on what the readers have learned with how much Esme enjoys dance she will absolutely love it. Her cutting his hair was very intimate and kind of sexy. I freaking loved it. From his reactions during the cutting, he loved her cutting it too. Then he saw it and really loved it. Enjoyed the chapter.
2/17/2023 c8 ChristyWIX
This chapter was waaaaay too smart for this brain of mine. Though I did read it entirely. What a nightmare he went through to get his PhD. I don’t care what awards the professor had, to only have two students graduate under him in twenty years is abysmal. Shame in Duke for allowing him to stay there unchecked this way. Hopefully, karma gets him at one point.
2/17/2023 c7 ChristyWIX
From last chapter, I too have the cilantro soap gene, yuckie. Back to this chapter. I am quite proud to be able to say I can drive a manual transmission. Not many can say it. I own an automatic, but I do enjoy driving a manual when I can. I love learning how Charlie taught Bella the skills of cutting hair. I learned to do so with cosmetology school, but did not pursue it as a career. I love how he taught her the chapels of faces and which cuts work with them. A great fall back for money if ever she needs it, for sure. I’m glad he’s offered to help in the job search. It truly is all about who you know in life. Living here, so close to Silicon Valley, we all know these places don’t even look at your resume without you graduating from an Ivy League university. I’m not even joking. Even for the mail room and receptionists. It is crazy. Who would go to an Ivy League school and work in a mail room? WTH? I’d imagine some would take it to get in the door, but there’d be no growth potential to get out of there and into the field they studied for. I do hope she takes him up on the help, as it wouldn’t hurt at all. I do see how these two will not 'break up' when the visit with his parents is over. I just see them falling in love instead. Love it.
2/17/2023 c6 ChristyWIX
So sexy, their dancing together. Goodness. I have a friend who dances in milonga and her shoes are incredible. I unfortunately cannot wear heels at all, not even kitten version, due to ripping all my tendons away from one foot when I was about eighteen. Then the other foot right after the first one healed up. The dance is wonderful to watch them do. I am not sure if I’ve ever seen the Argentine ztango, but I think it may have been one she danced. I just love how perfect Edward and Bella are for each other. They duly are two leads in a pod. Him hanging her up on the bar at the beginning was really cute too. Eating chocolate in front of her. I liked her rule for not doing it again without consequences of buying her a whole box. Quite fun. Victoria’s call scared me momentarily. Though it did feel as though she was appeased by Bella's answers to the questions she posed. They truly haven’t done anything wrong. Edward did wait until classes were completed before even asking her this favor. Though those around them may be suspicious. Maybe wherever she gets placed for her first job, he may want to follow and see if they’ve a position for him as well. Or, maybe she can get on their at this university. We will see how you play this out.
2/17/2023 c5 ChristyWIX
I loved this chapter. The decision Bella made when she was younger was very much the right decision for her. What a novel thought, right? A woman deciding her own fate, not the politician of their state. Beyond proud to have been born, raised and still living in California. San Francisco Bay Area to be specific. We are a literal melting pot of nationalities and generations. Our state has always been forward thinking and doing what is best for ALL people, not just a select bunch. I digress. Absolutely wonderful of Esme to have been the one to take Bella when she needed to have her procedure done. Edward's experience sounds like absolute hell. I’m sure Edward thinks Angela thought it was food poisoning, but I have a feeling she knew his reaction was exactly what it was and she didn’t care. I’m glad he stuck to his guns and broke up with her. Seems they were well on the outs for a few years, but her stealthing (a new word for me, thank you) was the last straw. You really cannot come back from a betrayal like she pulled. Wow. The way you described how to live after losing a parent fit so well I feel as though you must’ve lived this yourself. I lost my father when I was twenty and he was only forty-six. So young. Then my BFF's mom shortly thereafter. I’ve lost too many close people to cancer, it sucks. Yes, you can be fine most of the time, then bam, something will hit you right straight in the feels and you’re knocked for a loop. No matter how many years later it is. I’m hoping Esme gets a complete turnaround on some miracle trial drug or something. If not, I’m so glad Edward has Bella to help him go through the grief. After reading this chapter, I think Esme may be thrilled with whole Edward brings home with him. I do wonder what happened between Alice and Bella to have lost touch after being friends their whole life until graduating high school.
2/17/2023 c4 ChristyWIX
Holy moly. Her getting caught up on his bar was funny. I could picture her upside down and stuck. His enjoyment in finding her there was funny too. Him taking the photos and deciding this was how he proposed was great. Him getting her down was kind of sexy. They are so fun together. I can see them falling into a real relationship so easily from how simple all of this is for them. Hubs and I don’t take many selfies either. Pretty much only when on vacation. And only if we remember to while on vacation. For us it is a generational thing. We come from a time when film was developed, so we aren’t used to the instant gratification, even after all these years and several iPhones later, lol. Love their squeeze the pinky idea if something makes them uncomfortable.
2/16/2023 c3 ChristyWIX
I love your Rosalie and Emmett here. They both made me laugh a couple of times. I am really enjoying how well Edward and Bella get along. Their discussion are varied and many. Hours of talking and not getting bored is fantastic. My hubs and I have this ability and it is truly wonderful. Thirty three years together next month and we still don’t get bored with each other. I’m happy to read Bella and Edward finding this with each other. Delightful.
2/16/2023 c2 ChristyWIX
It is really kind of cool Bella and Jessica have to simply text quarantine and they understand to stick to one another's rooms. Supposing it really helps they are already used to the system they developed for Jessica's dad. Grandfather? I had to laugh at Edward answering, unknowingly, in his undies all ready to exercise his way through their phone convo. It was great they could even joke about it in the same conversation. I like how easy they seem to be fitting right into their roles. So much so, I believe they may become more by the end of this trip. Looking forward to him telling her what happened to make his PhD a 'shit show' and what happened to have him end up wasted enough to have his stomach pumped when he normally didn’t drink.
2/16/2023 c1 ChristyWIX
Jumping in, finally, to MaD. Very intriguing beginning. I like how they knew each other in their past, yet even upon meeting again, we’re not close. His taking the plunge and asking this of her was very risky. The way he went about it was kind and nearly professional, for want of a better description. Had she not wanted to help him, you could tell they would’ve been just fine. I don’t think there would’ve been any hard feelings at all. I’m glad she said yes though. Especially since she knows his family. The distance he’s had with the family will explain away them not knowing about him and Bella. Very sad about Esme and her cancer. Looking forward to the journey on this one.
2/13/2023 c36 FrustratedLawStudent
This story is simply amazing! They are so imperfectly perfect (for each other), definitely #relationshipgoals
Thank you so, so much for sharing this story and inspiring me to look into dancing schools in my neighborhood!
2/12/2023 c36 padalf1025
Great story! Thanks for the adventure!
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