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2/6/2023 c36 15winterhorses
Such a great story, and Edward is an absolute sweetheart. Thank you!
2/5/2023 c27 winterhorses
I love this story so hard, but I can’t even fathom how Edward and Bella aren’t furious at Alice. Had I been Bella, I would’ve been hard-pressed not to slap the b!tch across the face, pregnant or not. I actually think it’s a bit…wrong…to let her off the hook with zero percussions. He11, she got more of a verbal warm and fuzzy than the screaming smackdown she was due. And what’s even worse is that both Edward and Bella just reinforced Alice’s disgusting behavior. If she screws them over again, well, “fool me twice…”
2/2/2023 c36 SoCalTwiNurse
Very, very sweet! I love epilogues so thank you for this!
2/2/2023 c35 SoCalTwiNurse
Well I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVED this fic! I just finished Alaska and knew I wanted to read your other stuff. I hesitated just a bit because I'm a bit of an angst girl and I loathe fluffy fics where it's all about E & B telling each other how much they love each other with absolutely no plot haha but I have to tell you that I fell in love with your Edward & Bella! You had a plot so the "snugglefic" that I thought I might not be totally into totally sucked me in! I read this in like 2 days haha! You write UST really well by the way! As I said in my review of Alaska, I can't wait to read more, especially the one you're currently writing!
2/2/2023 c29 SoCalTwiNurse
OMG his proposal made me swooooooooooon! They are so in love *cries*
2/2/2023 c21 SoCalTwiNurse
Uhhhhhhh yea this was a great chapter *fans self*
2/2/2023 c1 SoCalTwiNurse
Loved this first chapter!
1/24/2023 c18 adctd2twilight
Loving this whole story so far! Sorry I don't always comment, but it's not friendly on my phone - Thanks for sharing your talents with us!
1/20/2023 c36 3Cesium Spring
Thank you for this beautiful story with amazing characters ! They were so sweet and good for each others, it felt good to read a fanfic starring 2 lovers with a perfectly healthy relationship. So nice ! Thank you for sharing, you are really talented and i loved reading this piece.
1/18/2023 c36 19EriCastelo
Hello, Anton! I just read this story, literally devoured it in 4 days. I really enjoyed reading it, and even though the situations could be considered repetitive the way you develop them is great. Thank you very much for sharing it with us. And I know I owe you for the comments on the previous chapters and I will try to remedy that.
Hugs from Colombia.
1/18/2023 c1 adctd2twilight
It's past Christmas, but this is a good one so far! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!
1/18/2023 c1 11Virginia May
Where are you from, I wonder, dear writer? Still writing the masks in and some of the language you use has me curious. And clearly distracted from the story, lol.
1/15/2023 c36 Lyndseyxx
Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing! Loved your characters, apart from Alice who was a really awful person!
1/5/2023 c36 4kisvakondok
This story was so sweet it almost gave me diabetes! Seriously tho, I loved it, thank you for sharing it with us, you definitely have a gift for writing.
1/4/2023 c36 Sarah
These might be my favorite Bella and Edward interpretations I’ve ever read! It’s like you wrote this absolutely beautiful story and just gave the characters familiar names. I like this much, much better than Twilight! Thank you for sharing - it was a delight to read ️
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