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3/26 c12 pjurgensen0705
Loved this story! Loved how you wrapped it up!
3/16 c12 Guest
Thank you for writing this! I totally enjoyed it!
1/19 c12 Guest
Loved your story! I hope you right more ! I can’t wait to see more of your writing!
1/19 c12 45In-Sunflower-Fields-We-Run
Loved this! Yes E shutting her down is what I live for! So good thank you for writing it
1/18 c12 29Brendalwood
Ooh. Nice confrontation.

Really enjoyed this story.

One request- add an epilogue to this to finish it off. It’s excellentjust needs one more chapter.
1/18 c12 9The Countess and Her Earl
You did a great job with this story! So unique and interesting. I hope you write more stories!
1/18 c12 7Keia21Sprenglewski
Great story, i have really enjoyed this, its nice to have a what if on certain bits from the show and you handled it well. I hope you will continue to write for the fandom.
1/18 c12 Kimesita
Yes queen!
1/18 c12 nancyramos07
That ending was perfect! Brovo! I was cheering her on as she was speaking with Ro. Good for her! Loved it thank you
1/18 c12 Guest
Oh snap! Go Elizabeth! Thank you for this story! I have enjoyed reading it!
1/18 c12 4Msec Obsessed
Great update. Thank you for writing this story I really enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to read what you write next
1/18 c12 8Kimber1983
Oh yeah Elizabeth dropped that hammer. Good to see she got the last laugh and word in. Your writing is great and I do hope that you will continue with it. It was a true joy reading this story.
1/16 c11 9The Countess and Her Earl
Great chapter! Glad they are back to normal.
1/16 c11 Guest
Oh Henry. You’re such a good soul. I hope that the make up dinner is 10xs what the other one was going to be.
1/16 c11 Kimesita
Ok nice job!
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