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3/15/2023 c2 Archangel Uzumaki
So shegos not going to question how two men are still alive? One died from the jump and another literally turned into goo.
Yet she go walks into a church and surprise surprise they are both still alive
3/17/2022 c3 13Jimmy1201
whoa, you really killed off Drakken?
I am looking forward to the next story.

Thanks, Jimmy
2/22/2022 c3 Bobtrumpet
Gut wrenching. A perfectly satisfactory ending.

Looking forward to the continuation in the next story.
2/22/2022 c3 4CajunBear73
Quite the standoff and those doing their 'best' to corral any loose ends have to take a step back and wait for another day...Kim's connections and video feed have stayed Betty's part in putting Shego away...or down. Don't think they are done with this, not by a longshot.

Shego, feeling so alone now, is going to learn she won't be. Bryer's words to Kim assures her that bonds forged like those done with Ron and Shego are no threat to what she and Ron will build together. But the aftermath of that mission will be something that will ping Kim's penchant to 'know all' and will have to be set aside for when Ron, and maybe Shego, will talk about it.

For now, home for Shego is with her fellow Berets, as there's probably a crap-storm waiting to be unleashed on those who stood up to GJ and Betty...

Hope Ron and Kim are able to keep them from their final plot's ends.

1/13/2022 c2 13Jimmy1201
I know that he has a long history of "being the buffoon," but I really hope that Shego takes his hand and trusts that there is a path forward that she just can't see - yet. If Ron noticed the part where Drakken's body was never found, he was smart enough not to mention it. My guess is the reason that Dr. D didn't act as if he noticed the oncoming vehicle, it was because he wasn't there - it was a recorded hologram. I could have totally misread that part, but I really don't want Shego to lose Drakken,

Thanks for the update,

1/3/2022 c2 4CajunBear73
Yep, figured GJ had a long game plan...just never figured it was that deep of a method to get Shego in prison or in the ground.

Now to see what comes from a cocky 'law enforcement group' and survivors.

Wonder where Kim will fit in this...too.

1/3/2022 c2 Bobtrumpet
Better and better. The level of tension is palpable. Can't wait to see what's next (but I guess I have to, huh?).
12/31/2021 c1 13Jimmy1201
Not good. I mean that of all the people you don't want to back into a corner with no way out, it's Shego. And having the only way out is a path that is little better than death is not a way out.

Thanks for the start of a new story.
12/27/2021 c1 4CajunBear73
Bet GJ was involved in what happened for them to reverse the deal with Shego...

12/27/2021 c1 Bobtrumpet
Well, we got the Hurt and Tragedy. Looking forward to the Comfort - and likely more Hurt and Tragedy.
Good start to what I am sure will be a fitting sequel. Following ...

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