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for Danganronpa: Cold Blooded Revenge

2/5 c19 SureJahn
“projector screen from yesterday rolls down from the ceiling by itself.

An upgrade?

The screen lights up with a display again, showing the results of the first round:”


For some reason this really stood out to me because it has been established that most parts of the school is still old and decrepit, but some rooms are new

Now upgrades are being made it’s like the game is being built as it is happening.
2/4 c19 2Yoonie-P
ryoji chronically online confirmed
1/2 c1 2SilverMark16
Masayoshi clearly couldn't handle me biting his kneecaps.
10/13/2023 c17 2Yoonie-P
sempiith i missed you this is a masterpiece
6/3/2023 c16 Yoonie-P
Sempith my beloved you never miss
6/3/2023 c16 TooLazyToLogIn
4/4/2023 c15 4Epifanio Therion
Oh my oh my! That was quite the conclusion of the class trial, I honestly thought that Tatsumi was gonna pull some crazy trick in order to make sure and prove that the culprit wasn't guilty, but it appears that in the end, it was a foolish endeavor as the culprit was planning to target him in the first place, which makes sense as Tatsumi is the Ultimate Detective as said by Takagi.

Man, a lot of folks are quite traumatized by this trial and the culprit wasn't helping one bit as they were rubbing it in at the others' faces without hesitation. I am now very excited to see how the rest of the story would go! I wonder what length Sachiko would go into finding out the truth regarding their 'Master' and the reason why this killing game started in the first place as her purpose was quite different.
2/13/2023 c14 2Yoonie-P
milk tea crowd my beloved 3 luv u so much
2/13/2023 c14 SureJahn
*insert Patrick gif* I love you
1/21/2023 c13 SureJahn
I’m always so excited for this story vebs love everything you do! Remember to capitalize the proper terms like our good friend told you to.
10/31/2022 c12 SureJahn
Rip Discount Takagi. She never stood a chance *sadge*
7/28/2022 c10 Yoonie-P
my baby kikuo is getting some screentime horray luv u sempith
6/17/2022 c3 2DarkLactoseSnake1243
This story looks great so far, I'm looking forward to reading more! I must admit, the Out of This World reference took me by surprise, but I love seeing other fanfictions referenced by each other.
6/14/2022 c9 5Other Senpai
What an interesting chapter, getting to see the masterminds’s point of view. I also find it quite interesting at the obvious tension between several people in the group; it’s almost as if none of them truly get along. I am looking forward to seeing the group dynamic in the future as the story progresses.

Also love all the jokes and references you make including the Jotaro “JoJo” reference, very comedic.
6/14/2022 c8 Other Senpai
Nawt the vine reference
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