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8/20 c1 Guest
Escribe donde Nazarit sea teletransportado a game of thrones
5/13 c1 Guest
Momon being summed to the new word with out his gulild base on a Radom island ruled by dragon lord player from 1000 years old with out his world class itam losing being reruns into a human having his Memories memories bloked lossing all his itames being saved by a girl becoming a farmer living a happy life as Gary
3/31 c1 Guest
Esqueci de algumas ideias
One piece x overlord
A grande tumba de nazarick aparece na grand line

MCU x overlord
Ainz e toda nazarick aparece na terra 199999
3/31 c1 magogabigol
Eu tenho algumas mas nao a linha canonica principal e sim com a linha do volume extra. Uma historia que tem essa ideia é o crossover mushoku x overlord
Minhas ideias
fairy tail x overlord
Ainz e keno vao para earthland e aparecem no imperio alvarez, com ainz se tornando um dos 12 spprigan

Dxd e overlord
Ainz e keno aparecem no universo de dxd e eles se aliam ou com a ophis e khaos brigade ou vao para kyoto. Outra ideia é fazer os 2 reercanarem no mundo de dxd com os poderes e memorias intactas tipo um isekai reverso

Mahouka x overlord
Com ainz e keno ou seguindo a linha canonica principal e ainz aparece no mundo de mahouka com a tumba de nazarick

Zero no tsukaima x overlord
Seria interessante em vez do ainz ser convocado. Os convocados seriam os gemeoes mare e aura
2/27 c1 1MrNothingness
if I may, I thought it would be really cool to incorporate the return by death premise from rezero into overlord, my thought was at the end of season 3, the people rebel against ainz after finding out momon is fake or something, and somehow kill him, or he faces an impossibly strong enemy, bla bla bla, but after he dies, he sees the counter in the top right, go up and then disappear again just like on his first day, but wait, he's in the great tomb of Nazarick, it takes him a little time to realize what's happened, while sitting in his throne silently he gazes upon the flag he regretted destroying to show off when he changed his name, he seems albedo, and remembers how he regretted treating her his first day, he finally comes to grip with the fact that he's back to the beginning, and vows to use his knowledge of the future to be a better ruler for his dear guardians, besides. isn't it easier to look like a mastermind if you already know what's going to happen? but he needs to keep things similar, too many variations could throw off the time line, he needs to get stronger for his family, and face the future he knows doesn't go well, how many more times does one man get to die anyway?
2/4 c1 Overlrodvolume18
Japan summons x Overlord
1/31 c1 Efefe
ya I understand your love for this novel, the story telling and world building is something else, can't forget the characters they themself is what makes this series 10 out 10. oh if u don't know what you want to write i got a idea. how about different world get connect to the new world like that anime gate but that world is like ours but it's not that world where aniz in original from, i think someone already wrote that but he/she dropped it after 1 or 2 chapter
1/31 c1 efegrgre
1/13 c1 Zilpfur Brim
I like the idea of transferring another guild member along with Ainz. It is imperative that this member has a "feature" (like Ulbert's obsession with evil or Tabula with contradiction and horror), and there must be something new in the story, and not a banal repetition of the canon exactly. As an example of excellent fan fiction , I can cite:
1/9 c1 Alvero Taylor
Ainz a lvl 1 angel leveling up in the new world fanfic
1/6 c1 Guest
I think you should do a fanfic about ainz battle pdl ( platinum Dragon lord ) uses his 10 million soul sacrifice wild magic which bypass all world class items except the 20 . It's that ainz is transferred to3 yrs before yddrasil shut down being the opposite of a undead skeleton and lvl 1 angel with momonga's real body dead thanks to pdl and all npr of Nazarick are sealed except for Renner and climb etc. This story offer world building to the narrative of ainz and it's if ainz manages to achieve lvl 100 angel of death his angel and overlord race will merge as one when transferred to the new if he possesses a world items. So if he raid and defeat a guildbase that will become apart of Nazarick 11 and up floors
1/7 c1 Gargsco
I can only speak for me here, i like the stories with Ainz having some of his guilmates(Peroroncino, Bukubukuchagama, Ulbert, Tabula and maybe Touch Me) with him, also if you stick to Albedo loving Ainz maybe not have Ainz cause it himself. Also i alwys hated how Ainz was basically one of the weaker members of his guild despite being the guild leader.
12/31/2021 c1 Triple H
Write a fanfic about how the people of Nazarick found out the truth that they were created by humans and how they will react to it!
1/2 c1 NaRuToAndHpFanForLiFe
A fanfic about momo the adventurer in the overlord world (aka, if Ainz/Momonga wasn’t real, a story about the adventures of team Darkness as they become legendary adventures of humanity)
12/31/2021 c1 Guest
Plz dont do any OC MC
Just Keep it to Ainz/Momonga
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