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for Kiss Goodnight

9/17/2022 c1 guest
5/25/2022 c1 Anitaxp
Loved it!
4/7/2022 c1 Guest
Okay; I've read all your entries. I see no hint that you intended to abandon tBWL,tBW,a/tBWW, except the fact that it's been FIVE MONTHS.
Did you and Petrificus Somewhatus (P/S) do a bunk together?
You disappeared from Fanfiction Dec. 2021.
P/S disappeared from Fanfiction Jan. 2i022.
Curious minds want to know :-).
2/8/2022 c1 EagleHasLanded
Lovely little story. (I got a good chuckle out of Hermione's rating scale) Thanks for posting it.
1/16/2022 c1 2NhaTrang
Mm, smokingly good short tale. Thank you for gifting it to us!
1/2/2022 c1 Guest23
Omg I am sorry I hit review before finishing! Thank you for sharing*** beautifully written as always.
1/2/2022 c1 Guest23
This is the ABSOLUTE cutest. You have such a gift. Thank you for shat
1/1/2022 c1 Crossy70
This was lovely! Thanks for sharing!
12/30/2021 c1 11The Ghostly Minion
This is a cute story. While part of me would like to see what happens next, you really ended it at just the right point.


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