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for Overlord:Breakthrough

An interesting read.
8/31 c3 bazric99
Great chapter. Waiting for next one
8/31 c3 stupidpta917
Good chapter
8/30 c3 flavioux37
Great chapter
8/30 c3 baelrog33
I really like your story also it was a smart idea when he decided to depend on rubedo for his safe. If the whole guardians Will go against him, he can use the strongest npc. We dont see rubedo too much. But i hate when you made ainz bow before the king. He Will never do this except if he is facing stronger players and thats to gather information about the enemy to make him let his guard down. I wish that you make ainz more confident and not to underestimate himself.
8/25 c4 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Your should definitely go through this chapter advd fix the mistakes in it some time
8/25 c2 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
You don't need to put the names in front of what they say. It should be obvious if you just write it properly.
8/14 c13 Viki909
Author, fix those chapters, people were calling him Ainz instead of momonga even before he revealed his name, please fix this
8/12 c19 7Solidorex
I like where this is going. Very good.
7/16 c18 NoSkill4me
All things considered, I am very happy where this story is going. You seem to be moving at a much quicker pace than the light novel: Carne just happened and already, things are in motion for a situation similar to "Operation Gehenna".
Also, Ainz gets to meet Ramposa (which in the light novel never happened, afaik).
Things are looking pretty good for this story! Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/1 c7 BoredKing
Why didn't Ainz just use Cotnrol Amnesia and read the guy's mind? or Dominate and simply force him to obey his commands?

Not going to lie, this is feeling pretty dragged out. It's chapter 7 and Ainz hasn't even left the tomb yet. Hopefully we get to thw action soon.
7/1 c6 BoredKing
No one would train right before setting out any journey, especially such a dangerous seeming expedition.
6/27 c18 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
6/24 c18 moose3333
Human(oid) form for Ainz Zesshiwin
6/24 c14 moose3333
I hope some of them get taken over peacefully. I much prefer the “carrot” style of the empire than the “stick” that the kingdom got. There are a few fics which show Jircniv loving life after he becomes a vassal since he has to put in 0 work, can marry whoever he pleases without worrying about his image, has huge innovations and comforts added to his country, and his people love him while he has to do basically nothing. Jircniv living it up is much more amusing and interesting to read IMO than murdering Calca or something.

Always found it much more interesting if MC wins over the holy kingdom instead of killing its leader and trashing the place. Only country I really want the leadership all killed is the Slane Theocracy since they’re completely insane.

The kingdom should have a purging of the nobles and be handed over to Renner
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