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7/1 c7 BoredKing
Why didn't Ainz just use Cotnrol Amnesia and read the guy's mind? or Dominate and simply force him to obey his commands?

Not going to lie, this is feeling pretty dragged out. It's chapter 7 and Ainz hasn't even left the tomb yet. Hopefully we get to thw action soon.
7/1 c6 BoredKing
No one would train right before setting out any journey, especially such a dangerous seeming expedition.
6/27 c18 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
6/24 c18 moose3333
Human(oid) form for Ainz Zesshiwin
6/24 c14 moose3333
I hope some of them get taken over peacefully. I much prefer the “carrot” style of the empire than the “stick” that the kingdom got. There are a few fics which show Jircniv loving life after he becomes a vassal since he has to put in 0 work, can marry whoever he pleases without worrying about his image, has huge innovations and comforts added to his country, and his people love him while he has to do basically nothing. Jircniv living it up is much more amusing and interesting to read IMO than murdering Calca or something.

Always found it much more interesting if MC wins over the holy kingdom instead of killing its leader and trashing the place. Only country I really want the leadership all killed is the Slane Theocracy since they’re completely insane.

The kingdom should have a purging of the nobles and be handed over to Renner
6/24 c12 moose3333
I still hope Ainz gets a human(oid) form. I love him being undead, don’t get me wrong, but it’s SO USEFUL in so many situations. Helps you blend in, can offset some of the negatives of having the mind of an undead (looking at something from another perspective is always good. Pure 100% logic isn’t always the best way to go). And the emotional suppressor seems annoying in the long run. Also it’d rly suck to be stuck in a world like overlord without your male “equipment”. Being immortal with 0 form of romance, on top of having all emotions being suppressed honestly sounds pretty sad and lonely.

I had something somewhat similar for the longest time where all of my emotions were fairly muted. I wasn’t “depressed” per say but it was exceptionally hard for me to feel much of anything outside of short bursts of emotion. So I couldn’t rly be happy or sad. About 5 types of medication later and it’s mostly fixed but trust me it’s not a very enjoyable experience.
5/2 c7 1Anoynim
Why trying to make someone talk when ainz could just dominate him (higher version of charm) to make him talk and also when he could just torture him xd
5/2 c1 Anoynim
It's a crack fic xD
Or you don't care about the logics of the original source material. Well you should have warned usI will take freedom of making momonga do anything")
I mean he used true resurrection and it's a divine magic something momonga can't do (without items).

Unless you say that it's because he has ainz ooal gown staff but I don't think that it has one orb having [Holy/Faith/Divine] element in it. However it does have Sun element and moon but can't say it wouldn't work.
(also another argument it's that in original content ainz asked pestonya to resurrect people)

Well it would appreciated if you warned me/us that you will take freedom in this story. (my expectations of having a story which follows the original content are maybe not good).
5/2 c4 Anoynim
Undead skeletal dragon, I don't know if it's a high tier summon but I don't think is it XD.
Since narbe could one shot one with a 7th tier spell and other high tier summon like elemental skull are more resistant and seems stronger than a skeletal dragon.

I would think that it's more a medium tier summon since summoning 2 skeletal dragons was something doable from a new worlder (he couldn't do 7th tier or 6th tier if I am not wrong since he had to use a talent holder and a special item to make a dead city by using a 7th tier spell).
Without forgetting that a death knight is a medium undead summon and nobody could do it in NW and having a skeletal dragon being summoned. We can guess that it's maybe even lower than that and could be low undead summon or medium undead summon.

However I am looking too much in details xD
Sorry XD but it's the kind of things which can trigger me xD.
(you could make momonga summon a undead dragon, a undead dragon with flesh maybe rotting but with higher stats and specials skills and abilities or even some magic or rot breath.
For a high undead summon it's Pertinent xD)
5/2 c4 Anoynim
The floor gardien of the 8th floor is victim. So in a sense the reunion of all floor gardiens isn't accurate since rubedo isn't the floor gardien of the 8th floor Xd
4/27 c17 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
4/24 c16 Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
4/24 c16 7Solidorex
"shuu, get out of herr." got me laughing even at 38 celcius degree fever. Love this story and cant wait to see Ainz visit the capital.
4/2 c15 readmeyouscrub
Man these last few chapters have me so excited for the new ones that will be coming out. Also I love how u gave ainz the ability to level up, other FF I read don't do that and I'm glad you did. So u can give him more creative powers. Again awesome chapter's, can't wait
3/25 c15 1eternal nothingness
hm already something different ainz did not give enri the goblin horns so now carne will not have any defences when/if they are attacked.
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