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for Overlord:Breakthrough

3/24 c14 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
3/22 c14 Team5dsforever
We finally meet Melina! I do wonder how strong she is as you never did specify her level? I also wonder since Gazef knows that Ainz is an undead, will Ainz just go as himself or wear a disguise? I really hope he goes as himself, not many stories do that.
3/22 c13 3Sanadan
I like the new level, it will make for super interesting encounters, but I think that it was a bit weird for Ainz to pick it. Cause he doesn’t really need help against lower levels, the only really threats are people who could use 10th tier. If maybe he chose the class in the hopes that later levels would let him either reduce tiers of higher level threats or reduce tiers of more than one person then it would make sense? Rn it feels more OOC and simply for the sake of the plot.
3/18 c12 Sieg
I wander what class ainz Will take
3/17 c12 Passerby
Ainz broke his level cap and with it any interest I had in the story.
He now has effectively infinite power potential, growing ever stronger over time sooner or later he will reach the point where all creativity, caution and paranoia will cease to exist and with it the entire premise of the story!

If you really wanted leveling in the story You could have had Naz spawn into the world at a lower level and left the nw at its standard Canon power. The effect would be the same.
3/18 c12 7Solidorex
Really cool story. Its nice to see the action right at the start of the story, something I was waiting for.
3/10 c11 readmeyouscrub
Cant wait for the next chapter!
3/7 c11 andoro
nice chapter. love it . cant wait for more
3/5 c10 readmeyouscrub
YOOOO, I can't wait for the next Chapter, I'm genuinely invested into this.
3/2 c9 Sieg
3/4 c10 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
3/2 c8 denisegalante1009
Will we see the maid Momonga made?
3/2 c9 denisegalante1009
Will we see Whitebrim?
2/4 c7 1Darkdoom III
rubedo didn’t pledge her loyalty to ainz. Was that intentional or an oversight? I didn’t see a single sentence or note that she left before. So she should be there.
Good start of the story overall. But I hope that you mix it up a bit more since feels to much like retelling canon, like the vow, ainz Speech over death in nazarick. Sending blue rose instead of gazef would have been a good opportunity to do so. But you gave solid reasons why they weren’t deployed. Anyway I hope that you can explain what went wrong with rubedo in your next chapter
1/18 c1 2Excitable Spren
Love the new chapter! :)
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