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for Fleur De Lis

6/1 c33 dolph25
Incredible story, thanks!
5/30 c10 Redical Gaming
it wasn't necessary for Harry to reveal it, he could've just chosen a wand, he revealed it for no reason.
5/26 c1 Just William
A few typo's, "the train horn", should be "the train whistle", "at the site of", should be "at the sight of", and "ten minute warning horn", should be "ten minute warning whistle". Please note steam trains have whistles not horns
5/25 c33 Kenton W
In all my years of reading fanfiction I have never commented on a single work, but after finishing this story I couldn’t help myself.

I simply wanted to tell you that this is quite possibly the best Harry/Fleur story I have ever read.

Not only that but the way you explored the relationship between Harry and Grindelwald was fantastic I can confidently say this is the best, “Harry has a mentor” fic I have ever read.

Additionally, I loved your portrayal of Harry’s family and their rocky relationship with Harry, but you also showed us a side I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a wbwl fic, their reconciliation. It was a brilliant decision on your part and really helped bring it all together.

I wanted to thank you for all the work you put into this. It’s is a truly impressive fic, and overall one of the finest I’ve seen.
5/16 c1 jons2
harry grandmother name is dorrea potter nee black
5/15 c2 Mr.Fluppy
How comes Percy is still here? Isn't he supposed to be graduated already alongside with penelope
5/1 c33 Guest
That was a beautiful story. Thank you.
4/26 c20 feydran
So far, Fleur’s father has been Jean, Sebastian, and now Patrice. He’s got three names. He shall henceforth be known as Jean Sebastian Patrice Delacour.
4/22 c33 Zavod
This is one of the best HP fanfics I've read in a long time.

Specifically, you were able to construct a Super-Harry quite enjoyably, without succumbing to the cliches used by lesser writers. For scenes inspired from canon your dialog was fresh and interesting.

A well constructed story with good pacing.
Thank you!
4/19 c25 god eater
man the duels are so short we need longer ones! hahahaha but anyways, the battles are so awesome i need to read them again!
4/18 c20 god eater
so this magical stain is just a mark that means that you nearly breached your whole existence? meaning that the stain means you pushed yourself so hard that it marked you? kinda believable since it's like a muscle in all but name, a threshold if you will
4/7 c33 JuliusCorvinus
Thanks for writing Fleur De Lis
4/6 c33 1hellfire45
Good chapter and this was a fantastic story to read and I have loved Harry’s interactions with both Fleur and Gellert
4/6 c33 Shiaira73
Wow! Such a fun read! I enjoyed every moment of this story. Thank you for taking the time to write and share such a fun story. 3
3/30 c33 16Alpha-The-Omega
Interesting story. Didn't think I 'd like a different BWL story, but it works. Good Job.
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