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6/20 c12 12stealacandy
I just remembered, but wasn't Percy Weasley supposed to have graduated the year prior and gone to work for Barty Crouch in the Ministry?

Has he been held back a year? No wonder he wasn't picked for Head Boy...
6/17 c18 IAmSoTired
Oh, it's Rita isn't it.
6/9 c2 WildWulfChild
how do I Sleep at night usually with my eyes closed
6/3 c4 jrjsmith0
Hmm yes but you’ll let your friend sign up and die.
6/2 c33 3LilinAnade
Thanks for sharing this story, it's wonderful!
5/21 c4 1diggerboy4
I agree with a previous reader, it's a decent plot but the the characters seem too 2d with no depth to them.
5/15 c1 GaWa3n50
Seriously amazing
5/3 c1 lukeanimelover
Id have prefered if you made prequals to give some back up information. Also isnt 7th year the last year at hogwarts? Get your facts right.
3/28 c8 Nimbus2023
The plot for this is decently interesting but the characters just feel like robots and their dialogue feels so stilted. I could overlook the fact that at least three characters in the story are supposed to have finished Hogwarts the previous year but I find the whole Grindlewald mentor arc a bit hard to accept. There is also the fact that this version of Harry seems to be better than everyone around him and everyone in the supporting cast seems to either revere or fear him, to be honest, it just seems so cliche. I think I'm going to stop reading here.
3/28 c6 Nimbus2023
I can tell that this story is based more on the films than the books.
3/18 c21 Naiden
I hope your Harry learns how to be humble. Seriously every time he's talking to someone he's always talking to them as if they're his lesser.

He always has to bring up his own skill in each subject as someone else is doing something. That's the type of behaviour that in real life makes someone undesirable to talk to.
3/13 c33 1Jeremiah Malkai
This was an excellent story, and the first I've read of Grindy being a mentor figure.

I really liked how Justin wasn't an afterthought and was a little badass in his own right.

Thank you for all the hard work.
3/4 c7 Z0d
Yeah, 16 years of hate and neglect so strong that Harry wants to remove the Potter from his name and be a full-fledged back, just gets tossed aside and overwritten with Pettigrew’s death lmao… very beliveable
2/27 c33 odonnellzoo99
I really enjoyed the story and look forward to the sequel.
2/26 c11 odonnellzoo99
Incredible chapter
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