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for Fleur De Lis

2/26 c11 odonnellzoo99
Incredible chapter
2/18 c34 BRICKDUST
Amazing story thanks. Can't wait for the sequel
2/13 c34 Rebell 01
Good story.
1/27 c7 mattysmallwood
1/12 c33 Guest
What a greqt story.
1/5 c11 Guest
This is a really great and truly different story. Glad I found it. Be proud of your ideas and writing
1/4 c1 Guest
“Mon and me,” not “Mom and I.”
1/5 c34 tiran187
What a show! I hope Harry and Justin also get some tutelage from Dumbledore as well I think they could see each other being friends after fighting together.
1/3 c33 atymer
This AU kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I loved the personalities, the quick leap into action from the beginning to the end. Gellert was written so descriptive that the charisma and power he weld had me captivated. I could see how so many could be seduced and I could witness how power corupts. I noted Harry's serious effort not to lose himself to bitterness and resentment and later battle his anger.
This was an very enjoyable adventure. Kudos to the author. I read ever chapter in on sit today. I couldn't wait to see what happened next every chapter.
1/1 c34 bobel1990
uhm Fleur the lis was feeling finished with maybe 1-2 good epilouge chapters to wrap it up , to Keep the story going with timetravel seems cheap also Fleurs Thirst for adventure seems of and NOT so her charakter/race.
That we got zero from all of Harrys Awesome inventions that get always talked about is awefull .

Even when both timetravel to the past and Gellert knew from beginning and all this,it would suck hard .
Also can i ask 1 question that just comes to mind why did Justins Patronus change from Stag to Lion to Raven? becase Harrys was a Raven.
1/1 c33 bobel1990
okay Story nothing Spectakular just solid
1/1 c27 bobel1990
HOW obvius is that Davis as A KNOWN death EATER is behind the murders?! and after this chapter chase is another death muncher
11/14/2023 c34 atrelis
Looking forward to Fleur La Fois! I loved this story, and the sequel sounds promising based on this chapter!
11/8/2023 c33 David12leca
It was a true pleasure to read thank you so much
11/8/2023 c32 David12leca
i dno how your gonna end it but take a bow it was a lovely journey
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