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for Fleur De Lis

11/8/2023 c31 David12leca
its been a thrilling journey thank you.
11/8/2023 c30 David12leca
its was breathtaking omfg
11/8/2023 c29 David12leca
omg 5 voldermorts vs Albus and Gellert and super harry its practically giving me the damm zoomies how can i sleep with this haha its fantastic.
11/8/2023 c28 David12leca
my leg is jackhammering like a drug addled meth head omfg im sooo excited
11/8/2023 c25 David12leca
11/8/2023 c22 David12leca
now i cant wait but i dont think ill finish this i got distracted haha
11/8/2023 c20 David12leca
oh my goodness its fantastic im gonna finish this tonight stuff sleep im obsessed
11/8/2023 c15 David12leca
holy crap i didnt see that coming
11/8/2023 c14 David12leca
if someone had challenged harry in that duel like made him work for it. after talking smack to dumbles before, it would of ruined the entire momentum of the story
11/7/2023 c13 David12leca
THE JUICE IS FLOWING omfg its like a fresh steak.
11/7/2023 c12 David12leca
fiesty fiesty
11/7/2023 c11 David12leca
Brilliant what a wonderful take
11/6/2023 c31 santos.luis.contato
So instead of Nagini, the 6th Horcrux was his wand?
11/6/2023 c10 David12leca
hopefully the revelation doesnt go to badly
11/6/2023 c9 David12leca
its getting juicy
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