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11/6/2023 c8 David12leca
the cursed fire was supposed to be epic and having goyle just use it so easily in the last book ruined it in my opinion i like how mystical you make it seem
11/6/2023 c7 David12leca
i bloody called it Gerllet grindewald
11/6/2023 c6 David12leca
friends in the ministry who could that be
11/5/2023 c8 santos.luis.contato
yeah, I always thought that is was bulshit that GG was imprision in his own prision... I mean, if he created it, he knew of a way to leave it...
11/4/2023 c5 David12leca
the killing curse now hmm flamel is out maybe Gellart somehow oh dammit who could it be
11/3/2023 c4 David12leca
reading these stories and how bad some familys have it. makes me appreciate my family more im gonna go call my mum thank you
11/3/2023 c3 David12leca
Is Nickolas flamel hes teacher i wonder who it is and that water scene was epic
11/3/2023 c2 David12leca
i wonder how inventive you will get with harrys magic skills i cant wait i even put on harry potter theme music.
11/3/2023 c1 David12leca
okay i just finished the dream story now on to this and i just love your style of writing thank you for your efforts.
9/24/2023 c34 1Darknessdawns
This was a wonderful story. I absolutely loved this version of Harry, though I would have enjoyed seeing more of how he grew up prior to his mentorship and even during his earlier years of it. I also enjoyed the family dynamic between all the Potters, the Marauders, and even the Delacours that developed throughout the story. Harry's relationship with each group was interesting as it was changing into something better or just forming in the Delacours case. The only relationship within the piece that seemed firmly established was the mentorship. It seemed to give Harry the stability he needed as everything was growing and changing within his life. I only wish we could have seen how the Potters and Marauders treated Harry prior the events of this story.
9/24/2023 c32 Darknessdawns
Umm, shouldn't it be 1995 when the court date happens? After all the school year went from September 1994 to June 1995.
9/23/2023 c20 Darknessdawns
So, I noticed what I think is an error. Earlier Mr. Delacour was introduced as Jean Delacour now he is Patrice Delacour.
9/5/2023 c24 Buck Buckington
FINALLY! Someone at LAST recreated the Noah Splitter! I was really looking looking for something like this for a while now.
8/24/2023 c20 silver.blast96
Boo hoo! My parents didnt pay attention to me and made my cool fun godfather take care of me… Well, I guess ill swear revenge on them and kill them one day…. Bru, what a brat
8/23/2023 c4 Big.Daddy.Dudders
The first chapters are pretty lackluster. You could’ve probably done all three in one chapter tbh. They’re relatively short so i don’t think it would’ve been too bad. Plus they don’t really give me a “I HAVE to read this” vibe
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