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for Maester Wolf (revised)

18h c1 Torhelm
Are there no pairings since he's going to be a Maester?
1/28 c1 hidlily winter
this has a sequel that's not finished. it's a pretty good read, a bit of a trudged at times.
1/14 c28 MrScorch
Well, Jon kept Robb from fucking the whole war effort until now. I was waiting, waiting and waiting for it the whole. One cannot be flawless in his war with Tullys (or Riverlands in general) in his house.
1/13 c36 AchillesI
The story is just amazing.
12/25/2022 c36 1beserkerbeast
Loved the story,
Cant wait to start the next one
12/16/2022 c2 jdboss2
An interesting story to have John Snow as a genius inventor
I you sure he's not actually Tony Stark reborn than A bastard

Yes I enjoy reading have characters but your character is too clever seems to know too much about inventions
great geniuses inventors That pretty specialists
he seems to know too much without the demonstration of how we could come up with such inventions
11/19/2022 c15 Drakena
vale gate**
11/19/2022 c16 Drakena
I laughed so hard with how the black fish described how close the blood Gates were lol
11/18/2022 c26 Xthian Buendia
11/16/2022 c1 V2H
Read this over on ao3. Great stuff, man. Glad i can read the sequel now!
11/5/2022 c34 2GoMagikarp
The whole honor versus practicality debate in this story is all over the place.

Half the time you have Jon snow say that honor is worthless in war and he does dispreputable things to come out ahead like maiming captives, starving women and children, rules-lawyering out of oaths and so on.

The other half of the time you have Jon crowing that honor is the only thing that separates the Starks from the monsters like Tywin Lannister and the Mountain, as he goes out of his way to treat wounded enemies, give captured lords great accommodations and release prisoners on their honor that they won't immediately fight the North again once free.

He derides Ned for being a honor driven fool which directly led to his death, yet constantly references Ned as a model of how to act (i.e. Ned would have done x, y, z so I will too).

It constantly changes every other chapter and gives whiplash with the acute inconsistency.
11/5/2022 c33 GoMagikarp
Jon: Watch the direwolves and trust no one they dislike.

Robb: I understand.

Like a 2 weeks later:

All three direwolves growl and snarl at the freys for days on end.

Robb goes with the Frey's anyway.

At this point I'm just going to begrudgingly expect characters to become idiots out of nowhere for plot reasons and stop bitching about it.
11/5/2022 c32 GoMagikarp
Jon and co. running around with an invincibility aura. Tossing wildfyre left and right as he strolls through the Red Keep. Not only does he never get caught, but he escapes without a single burn or soot mark. Too bad he doesn't hold a candle to the Mountain who is apparently immune to manticore venom, third degree burns, and torn tendons and ligimints.

Really, having wildfyre serve as some kind of meta-fire that only harms Jon's enemies while never once harming himself, his allies or anything related to them is ridiculous.
11/5/2022 c28 GoMagikarp
Yes, Mooton should fear the Lannisters who have lost like seven straight battles and now hide away in King's Landing, not the Starks who have done said winning. Really, makes a lot of sense since the Lannisters raped and pillaged through their lands while the Stark's saved them. But mEn aRe IrRaTiOnAl, so it's okay.

I really enjoy this story, I wouldn't have read 28 chapters if I didn't. It had it's flaws starting out: Jon being send south to the Citidel made no real sense, Jon becoming Leonardo Da Vinci in a handful of years made no sense, but overall it was well researched with good characterization and a great tendency to let changes from canon actually happen.

Now it's just this mess where you want certain things to happen, so you force the story to warp itself into a pretzel to make it happen, regardless of whether it makes any sense.
11/5/2022 c27 GoMagikarp
Catelyn releasing Jaime makes sense in canon - at least relatively - for a few reasons.

For one, she thought the Lannisters had both Sansa *and* Arya. Yet here Arya is safe and sound.

Second, Catelyn had recently learned of Bran and Rickon 'dying' after the sack of Winterfell. That did *not* happen here so she doesn't have the excuse of that trauma hanging over her head.

Third, Jaime had worse conditions in canon, with long unwashed and tangled hair, along with a shaggy beard, making his escape easier as he no longer looked quite like 'Jaime Lannister'. Here, he's been treated quite well and looks no worse from his imprisonment.

Lastly, in canon he was kept alone in Riverrun, which made a breakout out much easier. Here, he was sharing a space with practically his entire family, not to mention countless other Lords and Ladies.

And so have yet another example of you forcing a canon plot point into the story despite the *many* divergences making such an occurrence incredibly unlikely. I don't know what to say, but it's a very weird pattern from an author who has done quite well in breaking away from canon... Only to suddenly begin shoving it awkwardly back into the story.

And that's not even getting into the traitors popping up left and right in the Northern army despite their being little reason for it to happen.

The Freys rebelled because Robb slapped them in the face by breaking a betrothal agreement in addition to the war stalling out. Here, the North has destroyed both the Lannister *and* Reach army in conclusive fashion.

While the Frey's many be angered at the bridge situation, it should pale in light of the dominance the combined North/Riverland army has shown in the war. Walder Frey backed the Lannisters because the North was looking weaker and weaker. To repeat the same situation when the North only looks stronger and stronger is asinine.

Or perhaps it will be the Karstarks since they have been oh so grievously insulted in the war - not. Rickard's children have been draped in glory and while one of them died, its war. The other two are more than likely to live.

So what if Robb decided against pursuing the Mountain, this isn't canon where he fucking executed Rickard after 2 of his son's died protecting Robb. Robb and Jon have led the North to victory after victory and Rickard has no ground to stand on. But I wouldn't be surprised if he joined the betrayal, because canon.
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