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for Maester Wolf (revised)

5/15 c18 Disgusting
Your Jon Snow is no longer worthy of following. The character has no charisma for this world of yours to follow, and his actions are that of a monster. Eventually, you will turn him into a Targaryen, and he will just be a typical Mad dragon. It is sad your work turned into the ongoing cliche of mad dragons with no remorse.

Well, it was good until this. Thanks anyway but need to move on to another story,
5/14 c6 sad
Here in Chapter 6, it is confirmed that Peter is working against Ned Stark and the North, yet you have Peter playing this ridiculous superhuman version of himself without any real subtlety into the 2nd part. It ruins the story and is not believable.
5/5 c36 1ZegetaX1
Excellent story can’t wait until the sequel is finished
3/4 c36 Beren
Thanks for the chapter
1/30 c18 Grrarrggh
When will Jon learn that physical bravery/courage is just the vain, weak cousin of true bravery/courage? If Tybolt were actually brave, he wouldn't have broken his vow.
1/20 c2 dsafasdfas
Why would they hit white harbor in the rebellion? Its on the other side of the continent, thousands and thousands of miles away... clearly you dont know shita bout asoaif... just delete this trash
1/8 c26 Dragonsbetasty
Good to see Caitlin starks idiocy is alive and well
12/8/2023 c16 aljunvalle09
p mom ñ JJ ñññ look at ml m
11/21/2023 c23 Guest
Gunpowder has existed for over a thousand years, the Chinese used it for example.
11/20/2023 c15 Guest
Sorry but you’re having a woman pleading to save her rapist?

Are you insane?
11/20/2023 c13 Guest
"I negotiate for the army. As Heir to Winterfell, I speak for my father, the Lord Paramount of the North." Robb said with clenched teeth.

The North has a Warden, not a Lord Paramount.
11/17/2023 c9 Guest
"And how do we know you will pay? You might claim we provided poor service." The blond boy said. He was a fierce child, and Jon wondered if he had a touch of the wolf's blood. That was unlikely given the bright blond hair and green eyes.

I get you’re going for Gerry being Tyrion’s son, but it’s unbelievable that he would speak to Lords etc like that, nor would he read that well. His mother was only with Tyrion for about two weeks.
11/17/2023 c8 Guest
"It is not the killing of Aerys that stains your white cloak, ser. What of Rhaenys and Aegon? They were three and one. Why did you not defend them against your father's monsters? What knight allows the children and wife of his prince to be butchered?" Jon said.

Now that’s interesting, because it’s exactly how Jaime feels about it, he doesn’t regret killing Aerys at all, only that the others were killed and he didn’t stop it.

It’s Jaime’s biggest regret.
11/17/2023 c34 The One of Only
This has peaked me interested: in this story, why do you not consider Jon a Stark? Coming from this rare vision (I assume comes from his First-man blood) where he "interacts" with the Kings of Winter, they tell him he is no Stark, which Jon ignores. Most authors I've seen view Jon as a Dragon disguised as a wolf, otherwise, he is some messianic figure of the deity Rhollor. From what I can tell, you seemingly reject those archetypes(kudos to you, they are not wholistic or accurate to his character). However, at this point in the story, I am confused why you never have Jon rightly acknowledge himself as a Stark? He calls himself a wolf, part of the pack, yet displaced because of his valyrian blood(makes total sense, like mixing ice with fire, or the Chinese dragon vs the tiger or in this case wolf). I know westeros does not place emphasis on female lineage, but Jon's case is special since he was raised with Eddard as his father, subsequently giving him a solid male figure to attach and emulate. Would this not make Jon Snow more inclined to call himself a Stark, like his Mother Lyanna, Father Ned, and siblings, irrespective of his dragon heraldry? It's obvious this Jon Snow is much deviated from the show and book in terms of confidence, integrity, and self-idendity due to his time away from Catelyn's brutal psych-torture. However, as you are expertly writing Jon's character and identity and internal turmoil with his dragon heritage, I fell you are missing a vital aspect of Snow always inherently being a Stark and claiming the name (not officially legally) as part of himafter all, almost everyone else does even though they only know him as bastard, Jon Snow has proven to be as Stark as they come.
10/31/2023 c36 shadow patronus
I just read Maester Wolf completely, I have to say that it was very entertaining, engaging and fulfilling.
Thank you for writing it with such a good quality.
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