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for A Transmigration Story

12/10/2022 c1 7pythienne
What a way to start! The setting is so great I'm inpatient to read what's coming. Here we have a Bella that is really alive, determined to get the best out of this, even cracking jokes, in such a way that is rarely —if not unique— found elsewhere. God knows how much Charlie deserves some love from his family in his life. I'm in love with her friends, so fantastic, so down to earth and so accomplished that they sound to good to be true in Book-Bella's circumstances. I want friends like that! So much material for interactions and experiences that we wouldn't have the chance to dream of in Twilight. I guess there's some alternative future slowly getting real and I will wait to discover it. I was laughing to tears with the Jasper part. So much emotions playing on the way to suit his gift. Another change of character and mind that I find refreshing and suggestive. I have the feeling I will enjoy this story despite it hasn't reached to at least a half full development just yet. So promising and so charming. Have my own theories and predictions waiting to be tested or confirmed. Wish for you to find time and inspiration for this piece that deserves to be read by many. Hope to see an update —I mean no pressure, only hope.
10/27/2022 c1 brownie-123
loved the start of this. I hope you continue
7/16/2022 c1 niya ramanov
love it
2/18/2022 c1 Queeny
Absolutely amazing story, I am in love with your take on oc insertion because I haven't yet been captivated by a set up like this. I cant wait to see where this will go. Great job!
2/19/2022 c1 Tigerlily3574
I love these kinds of fics. Yours has started really well. I’m looking forward to more
2/18/2022 c1 Hariana Halone
This is the freaking best SI Bella that I have never read She's totally different from Bella, doesn't do the same shit as Bella doing those lines ect. And above all, she didn't fall in love with Edward directly, thank God. I really liked his interaction with Jasper and I totally ship him for this story hzhzhzjzhzuzbzu . I've always found Jasper more handsome than fact that she's not one of the Book Bella friends is even better. Will she change her style?different hair color? I see it well with pink or green Change of clothing style. I can't wait to read the sequel
2/6/2022 c1 6jocillyria
I have a feeling I'm going to love this story. Thank you for writing and sharing it!
1/25/2022 c1 Hoperna D Suna
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee continue ! I really appreciate your work !
1/11/2022 c1 Guest
Please update soon!
1/5/2022 c1 Eh
Why'd you stop updating? Your story actually has an inteinteresting premise and aside from your ability to balance dialogue and narration it seems really solid...
1/3/2022 c1 4BrookeWorm3
Hmmm I’m liking it so far.

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