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for Doom: The Altar of Anguish (Movie Idea)

1/7/2022 c21 FatMan15
This was a good general concept overview of how your style of Doom movie would play out. Of course, if this were to actually be produced the scenes would need to be fleshed out, but this work serves as a fine general plotline. Some parts of this work need to be tweaked such as some points of dialogue which felt "off" for a Doom movie, but at the same time I appreciated the raw feel of it, like it was an actual person speaking. The action scenes also felt a bit out there, but that's within the context of Doom style action scenes not translating well to the written word overall. I did like that this overview stuck to the lore much better than that god-awful doom movie that came out in the 2000's, incorporating many elements of the newer Doom lore. Additionally i liked that you also chose to set this movie within the realm of your own Doom narrative lore, a bold move and one I feel would pay off in the end. Overall this is a fine plotline and a good way to kill an hour or two, and even with it's faults, you can take comfort in the fact that this will never be as bad as the cymographic abortion they made out of Doom all those years ago. 7/10

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